What We're About


What are we about? In a word, your thriving. And if you're not thriving, we're here to help you get there. What are the barriers between us and thriving? In a word, embedded trauma programming, and it's almost always going to be emotional, often deep, often hidden. Everything we do, especially Blue Emerald's alchemy, is designed to clear away everything that has to go, if the goal is to thrive in the new higher frequency paradigms the world is moving into. It's simple math: the less negative and lower frequency mass there is, the higher the frequencies of one's assemblage of being.

The challenge is that we so rarely even consciously know or recognize the root problems, and they roll over from embodiment to embodiment, what I call recurrences, because we are in fact recycled. Eastern Thought calls it reincarnation, which is a deliberately euphemistic and doctrinal term for recycled, and much of Buddhist doctrine is designed to obfuscate the deeper truths. This recycling is what my novel Mythion is essentially about, and it's full of such disclosures and codes. It's a blast of fun to read, very activating and high frequency.

Suffice it to say that the Earth simulization (my word for civilization) was built to be parasitical and exploitative. It didn't just randomly happen. It was designed this way, and the only way it could work was to divide consciousness into three main layers. Freud called them id, ego, and superego. In the Polynesian Kahuna system of psychology, each of these layers is another autonomous but interwoven self: the unihipili (subconscious, inner, emotional, intuitive), uhane (waking consciousness, rational) and aumakua (super-conscious, connection with the divine).

In new age thought, the unihipili would correspond to the inner child, which is an oversimplication but by definition fairly accurate, as that self has the reasoning capacity of a young child, or a super smart canine. If your goal is to create a system to exploit people for their energy through trauma, you embed the trauma upon something mostly hidden from them, in a deeper layer, or in our case, like the Kahuna, upon a deeper self. That self is no less valid or impactful than the self reading these words, so the mechanics of the plan are without question diabolically brillant (and that's not a judgment - it's respect). 

This is how it all gets hidden, and stays hidden, and what it can take to get it out of there is astonishing, not the least of which reason for being is that self is addicted to the trauma cycle, and from its position, causes people to choose their way along unnatural paths. This is why, as an example, some women who've been abused by their fathers as children choose abusive partners as adults, and can't seem to help themselves. It's not because that's what they want. It's because that's what the subversive inner unihipili wants. I only bring up women in this example because it's such a good one, and women have in fact been the primary focus of anti-thriving measures. 

But please understand it isn't that the unihipili is itself dark, deceiving or manipulative by its very nature. It really is just a child. It only wants that because it believes that's what you want, and it believes that because you have in fact experienced it. That you have experienced it means to it that you asked for it, and that is, like it or not, ultimately true. So it's really just giving you what it thinks you want. What we didn't know or plan for is that we would be deceived into asking for, and creating for ourselves, those experiences. The deception is in fact the "crime" certain galactic players have committed, and now it's all a huge exopolitical mess. You see the difficulties we face? That we want to be rid of everything we ourselves were tricked into asking for? That is an internal binding that can be very difficult to unravel. That's why we give that inner self transformative practices to form healthy new neural pathways, thus the creation of an upgraded conscious simulization more in keeping with what your personality, or ego, layer wants. 

All addictions, and this entire reality is itself an addiction, are accomplished in this way, and the physical system most closely associated with it is the limbic system, and we have ways of changing the programming, and thus the wiring, of the limbic system. What's even more challenging to address is the fact that those negative pockets of densities also attract more of it, from the Matrix itself.

We might find ourselves enraged for reasons we can't even name, and it could be because we have just attracted to ourselves a "random" pocket of rage floating through the Matrix. We then compound the problem by becoming enraged, fueling the power and force of the complex in the unihipili. And here is where it gets very interesting. The rage just expressed gets the attention of lower astral entities, which are basically making lazy circles around us, waiting for both an "attractant" and the opening needed to exploit it. And the emotion expressed becomes the portal. Guilt, as another example, is one of the easiest emotions to exploit in gaining access to your unihipili, which will be manipulated into moving you towards choices which bring on more guilt. 

But these lower astral entities don't fly in guns blazing, tendrils sucking away. They come in with subtlety, deception, and amp up the cycle for more "feeding." Cycles of this unchecked are what leave people as broken, drained, dessicated husks of themselves. But as you can imagine, there's far more to it than that. 

Here, under Mastery, there are many free tools and systems to help dislodge the complexes and clear them away, purifying you. This is why we use the word purification so much, because at your core is a pure and perfect being who voluntarily "spawned" into this game to get its crap on you so that you could figure out how to get free of it, and in doing that, helping others to get free. In Gnostic Christianity, they looked at the world as "hell," and we are pure and perfect beings deliberately choosing to experience it, learn its secrets, overcome it, transcend it, and get back to the heavenly realms as literally a video game "mission." The problem is, the endless cycles, recycles and recursions have made that incredibly difficult.


So here it is to wrap it up and tie a bow around it. To help you thrive, we are essentially helping to unburden you of the masses of traumatic inner complexes, freeing the unihipili of trauma addictions and retraining it to be under your conscious influence and even control. This is the very definition of Mastery, as Mastery is none other than the mastery of lthe levels of self we have the latitude to change. This Matrix was designed, from the machine level programming on up, to heavily limit your ability to thrive. This is the built-in struggle, the machine level suffering. And we all willingly submit to it to see if we can "beat it." If you reach a level of thriving, you also master the Matrix, as you are the one who is actually creating it. And on this particular topic, which is a whole different wavelength of conversation, we will go a lot more into if you decide to hang out with us, especially in our Gatherings


Since I myself have facilitated the enlightenment of more than a few people, and I am talking about classic Buddhist enlightenment, everything just discussed is a path to that. Whether you've designed yourself to undergo that experience is another matter entirely. But I can tell you this: unless you've experienced it, it isn't what you think. 

If you would like to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the most closely held secrets in the management of this reality and why it was created, these three videos are the most cogent, crystal clear, lucid explanations I've ever come across in my 42 years of seeking answers.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

If you'd really like to know what this (meaning Earth) is, what it's always been, and what might cease to be as we know it, the best way to find out is at the below videos. If you have any questions or comments about any of it, please write them down and ask them in one of our calls. 

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

And there is another set of videos on Gaia TV, called "Galactic Messages," from the same people as above, which disclose crucial information in expanding your understanding of what we really face. Gaia's videos have a free seven day trial, and you could easily watch them all in that span of time. 

A top priority thing to "get" is that, just because they're 5D, doesn't mean they're benevolent, or even particularly advanced. The truth is the whole galaxy is 5D, and the Earth simulization was created as a 3D bubble within it. The Light:Dark polarity and efforts at maintaining balance extends all the way into 6D. So, as an example, we work with 5D forces who are Ascended Master level operators, and they are astral warriors, like knights in a sci-fi filmIf you hang out with us, and go deeply into what we're doing, you'll be introduced to them, and others. And as you read this, we have operations we're involved in taking place on 4D and 5D planes, involving millions of beings. 


Present day Earth is what it's always been, a simulization, and it's never been anything else. We're not here to take it back, to reclaim it, because it was never ours to begin with. It's a proprietary intellectual property, literally owned by a group of people. Every belief in it was fabricated, including history. It's always been for 5D people to spawn into these 3D avatars we call bodies to undergo a type of experience available in only a few other worlds, mainly to do with pain and suffering. The deep and collective psychological consequences of the billions upon billions of recyled experiences are what we are left to deal with, and that has gained an intense momentum, which is the basis of our highest priority objectives.

Some on mid- to upper management levels want "the game" left alone, mostly for commercial purposes. Others want it taken apart, mostly because they have concerns about this simulization destroying itself, for which, and this presents a huge problem, many of them refuse to accept any responsibility. But beyond that we can't openly publish in written form in this space any more than we have, but the videos above cover it. If you want to really know what's going on, watch them. Where we will continue to expand on the knowledge of what is really going on is in our group calls. Those become very powerful, so if you're drawn, you should definitely check it out. 

You might wonder what the truth of this simulization has to do with you, and it's a good question, but the answer is simple. The Micro and the Macro are the same thing. You and the world you are in are the same thing, with the same problems, symptoms, and obstacles to overcome. The difference is we as individuals can choose to plant our flag of sovereignty, and the more of us who are sovereign, the more Earth is sovereign. Some in the Macro don't want you thriving, which is why your thriving is a mechanical wrench in the gears. So here we are, being the wrench.