9243057473?profile=RESIZE_584xFor just a moment, imagine yourself as a moving part in a vast and moving Whole. Now let yourself perceive the way you move with it all, for all of it moves at all times, and it moves you, all the layers of you, in the directions that it wants you to go, no matter what you think or believe with your conscious mind.

All drama, difficulty, strife, fear, suffering, and on and on, all stem from our refusal to see, accept and understand that we are already moving with it, and that there isn't anything that must be done to make it more true. Our conscious minds are always busy creating all of the difficulties that make it harder to see, and feel, ourselves in that flow. Our conscious minds create ALL of the traumas and dramas, at all times.

Bashar once said, "Everything, including you, is going to go from point A to point B. That's inevitable and nothing can stop it. The only options to this inevitability are how bent, bruised, broken, burnt, angry and confused you are upon arriving at point B."

Those options, the options of difficulty, are only possible by fighting the currents, being guided by emotional reactions, by trying and striving and struggling, none of which change anything but how you see the world. Where you are in the flow never changes.

So, you might as well just let it all go, Surrender to the All and begin the process of greatly increasing its expression through your greatly clarifying beingness.

But if you need more convincing, take a look at some of this. And the suggested Ceremony is below.

Let’s start with the most advanced way to understand this. You are reading this page because True Self has every intent of more fully expressing through you, and this page offers one such way that that becomes possible, and this despite whatever your personal perceptions or beliefs are on the matter. If you also want to allow de-emphasis of the small conscious self in order to allow this ever-increasing phasing in of True Self, then you and True Self are actually on the same page. Whatever you hang on to, whatever you refuse to accept, keeps that from happening, because it keeps the world in a fixed state for you, held together by the energy of attitude, of how you look at things, at what you’re unwilling to accept. Know this: miracles are not performed by Masters, but are performed through Masters because they have long since set themselves aside and gone consciously with the flow.

It’s like being a leaf in a stream. You can flail and thrash about, splashing to get there, kicking to get around a sharp rock, grabbing a branch and fighting the current just to stay put, but nothing you do is going to change anything about your position in the stream, how fast you flow, how you wheel about and dip and rise. Indeed, the speed at which you achieve ever greater expanded states of being is directly proportionate to what you are willing to let go.

With that in mind, why not just let go of everything and get clear, so that True Self/Infinite Mind can express through you unhindered by the noise of the sometimes fantastic energy expenditures just to live, to become? Letting go changes nothing but your physical and mental well-being, because when you consciously flow with the flow, the lifeforce of Creation flows with increasing ease through your many layers of being, raising your physical and subtle frequencies, raising your bandwidth for light-flow, rejuvenating you on all levels, to say nothing about entrusting you with greater responsibility, which is in the end the same thing as expanded awareness.

Letting go is a habit. You will encounter something every single day to let go of, probably twenty times a day or more. Watch yourself do this. Throughout your day, be conscious of everything in the moment. Anything that causes you to judge, anything at all, in that moment say "I accept it as it is." It could be something in the news you find upsetting, something a family member says, anything at all you disagree with, someone's tattoo, things going on in your mind. When you pay attention, it's incredible how much is going on in the conscious mind and how much of it is being judged, which then all has to be requalified as accepted.

Now’s a good time to interject that most people don’t even know what to let go of. It’s easy, for the other way to understand letting go is acceptance of everything just as it is. If you take a look at everything in your world, family, friends, work, national and international affairs, daily news items, the driver next to you…do you accept everything, and that means everything, without condition or discrimination? If not, then you know precisely where you need work, and letting go does nothing but hasten you into a more balanced, light, and joyful life. Nothing else changes – not the speed you get anywhere, certainly not your capacity for love, since you’re simply opening yourself to love with the absolute indiscriminating expansion of Infinite Mind.

Let’s go deeper, to the crux of it. If you haven’t yet read the Wormhole Documents, then you might grok this concept less, but it goes like this. Letting go, or total acceptance of everything just as it is, is the habitual acknowledgement that none of this is even real. That’s a very powerful step to take, because the less real it is to you, the closer you are to perceiving this enormous and crazy mental kaleidoscope of flowing energies the way a typical Master does. It’s precisely how they get into the perceptual mode needed to work miracles on demand.

But letting go has an even deeper, more Cosmic, effect. When one of our superseers and I were talking about Helios Iridium, he said that it’s a skeleton key that can unlock all the doors everywhere in the secret folds of Creation, and that you’d either have to be a very high level person, a highly adept Magi who can consciously see what’s behind those doors and knows what those equations or fractals or machine-works do in order to keep from hurting himself or others, or you could just be someone who has completely surrendered. Cogitate upon that one for a minute. One who has completely surrendered, and stays surrendered, has access to everything, but it is Infinite Intelligence that flows through the surrendered one to lead them to the proper use of it all. See?

But there is a catch to all this, or course, and it’s a big one. Many people who are in the throes of some difficulty will actually try to bust a move on Infinite Intelligence and do the letting go as a means to overcome the difficulty, to save something, to get someone else to see things their way…and so on. All this points up is a) they’re afraid or unwilling to let completely go, and b) they’re not sincere enough to handle power. There are no half-measures with this. Letting go, especially in a ceremony, is complete, with the heart, and if done in Truth can actually be a powerfully cathartic and emotional experience. If you go out there with the tools and forces of magic at hand with such fearfully motivated manipulation in your heart, there could be serious repercussions.

So here you’re going to be learning a little bit of magic. Don't worry, it's what all the great Magi would have taught in secret, and this is truly one of the first things they would have a new candidate do, one symbolic way or another. In the Jesus way of thinking, or A Course In Miracles, it’s about forgiveness, but a more advanced way is to know that it’s about acceptance, which includes everything you’ve ever done that produced regret.

It’s only a two or three day energetic preparation, but of course you can take all the time you need. The reason more time might be deemed necessary is that as you examine deeply your own feelings, you might actually intuit that you’re not ready to surrender. That intuition could be in reference to how big a step it really is. It’s that big a step because you are in effect putting everything on notice that you’re ready to step aside and allow a much larger mind to take firmer purchase in your world, especially in how you perceive it. So getting ready is a big part of it, and you yourself will be given intuitional information specific to this ceremony for you, what to include, where to go, all that kind of stuff.

If you happen to have any of our alchemical products, intuit which one or ones should be combined for use. If I had them all, I would use a combination of Rhodium, Iridium, Gold and Platinum. Mix them together in some good pure water, and put them in your empty concoctions bottle. Spray whatever combination you’ve put together, four or five pumps each, over the top of your head, so that it would fall on your head and shoulders, and even if you miss your body, it's still filtering through your aura and other subtle fields, which is even better than ingesting, and is just as good as getting it on your body because your main field extends away from it no less than a foot. Do this for two or three days beforehand, understanding that these alchemical ministrations will also open you to information that might be needed.

While the alchemy isn’t critical for this, it helps tremendously, because at the moment of your surrender ceremony everything is loosened and ready to be siphoned off, collected and transmuted by the people that will automatically show up for your ceremony. This is built in. It is because I command it to be so right this instant. Even if my people don’t show up, yours most certainly will. Just knowing that will make it so.

In your preparation, be thinking about a place to go. Outside somewhere alone is exceptional, especially anywhere near water. Near a stream, a waterfall, a lake, the ocean…all ideal. You might be apprehensive enough to want someone with you. Don’t give in. You need to be alone. Once you’ve thought of the place, go there and find a few pebbles or rocks, or if at the beach a few small seashells. Have ready one of your own crystals or two, if you keep a collection, and it would be more potent if it was one of your favorites, because you are showing all concerned, including the sub-you and the super-you, your willingness to let it go even if it’s sad or nostalgic to do so.

If it is impossible for you to get to a natural setting outside, any space will get it done, just not as aesthetically or naturally pleasing, plus nature spirits could be called upon by the people that are there to help with the entire process.

Take your rocks or pebbles home with you and wash them. Put them somewhere you consider "sacred" in your home. If you don't have something like that, set up a small space with a nice cloth, like an altar, and put the alchemy and pebbles on that. Put a few drops of alchemy on each one. As you do that, just say or think "Be clear and pure” and it will be so. If you have no alchemy, clear them in a bowl of salt water made from a good pure water source and high quality natural salts.

Then when you're ready to do this, get a blanket and gather whatever you want, anything that is sacred to you, along with the pebbles/rocks/shells and your own crystals, the alchemy you’ve been using, and a bottle of water, and either a glass or a cup, preferably glass. If you want to take candles or anything else you'd like to include, go ahead and do that. This is your ceremony, and you're going to want to make it yours.

The steps here given are truly just guidelines, just one way of doing this. A very effective way, yes, but just one way nonetheless. If you get other ideas or know of other elements to include, then by all means include them. Every element here is crucial, however, and so any changes you make would be to add things, or just do the element in a different way.

Once to your location, even if in your home, this is what to do.

1. Spread out your blanket and intuitively arrange everything on it.

2. Sit down and put the pebbles/rocks/shells/crystals in the glass with some water. Fill the glass, no matter how big, to almost full.

3. If you have it, spray your alchemical concoction over your head and shoulders the way it was described above. If prompted to, also anoint your chakras. If you have no alchemy, anoint your chakras with the water from your source bottle, or with oils, or whatever you know to be perfect for the ceremony.

4. Sit quietly, breathing evenly and as deeply as you can without it being an effort.

5. Connect to the area around you, with your eyes closed. Know that you're in nature, and there are nature spirits, and feel the oneness with everything. Listen to the sounds. Feel the breeze. Listen to the silence. Let it all flow through you. Just relax into your place in it all. 

6. Talk to the empty space around you. Even if you can’t feel or sense their presence, there are many great and loving people on hand to see to this ceremony’s success, to see that you’re supported and loved and protected. Tell them all what you're doing, that you're surrendering to the Absolute. Ask them for help in doing this. If you feel the necessity, you can also call upon me, and a larger more fluid me will be there for you.

7. There is also a "personality" inside that is like saying "subconscious." You can clear your own self all you want, but it can in no way be complete without that "self" agreeing to it. So talk to that being, with your attention set mildly upon the knowledge that it dwells within, shares your senses, and harbors your fears, guilts, shames…everything as yet unaccepted about yourself and your world. This part of you is child-like, and not intellectually powerful, and so very simple and loving words the way you might talk to a six year old is how to do this. Tell this you that you're surrendering your whole life to the Absolute, that you're giving up all emotional expressions and attachments, and turning the flow of your life over to a much wiser, even nicer, being, and that you want this you to do the same. If you’re unfamiliar with what this part of you is, and you'd like to know, go through the Wormhole Documents first.

8. If you feel emotional about any of this, that's good. That's what you want. It should be an emotional experience because much of what you’re purging with this has been created through the power of emotional expression. And if you've done it completely, with your heart, you should also feel a level of relief, and gratitude, maybe to a huge experience level and which might have you crying for a while, and from a very deep place.

9. Then, when you feel it's all ready, say whatever you prefer for these first words, like: "Dear All, the infinite and supporting intelligence of all that I am,” or whatever else you feel best with. Then say something like, "I've found that when I believe myself to be in charge and act in that way, only strife and difficulty result. I'm hereby turning my life, my flow, my everything, over to You, because I trust your Infinite Wisdom more than anything of my human self. I transfer all of that energy I must now purge, including from my small subconscious self, into the pebbles/rocks/shells/crystals in the glass,” and then command, with a stern voice, "Do that NOW!" while seizing the glass with your hands and looking deeply into the whatevers you have in that glass. Make sure you connect to your child-like inner self as you say "Do that NOW!" If you have to say it more than once, feel free.

10. If you feel strange that people are seeing you or whatever, never mind them. You are laying your soul bare before the power, grace, beauty and love of the Infinite, and if you feel self-conscious about that, then you need to let that go also. You are "naked" before the Infinite Presence.

11. When you know it's done, pour the water and whatever else is in the glass into whatever water you’ve set yourself near, knowing that you are letting it all go, and say, "Water, please cleanse what I have poured into you, and I call upon the people here  with me to transmute those purged energies into unqualified light!"

If you’re in your home, have a tub filled with a few inches of water, once ready to empty the glass into it, open the drain and turn on the tap, so that the water and newly additional flow takes it all away. Naturally, you’ll not want to get debris in the drain, so watch for that. By the time it’s drained away, the pebbles/rocks/shells/crystals will all be clear, but you’ll want to discard them some way or another no matter what, preferably in nature, even if just tossing it/them off a bridge or flinging it/them into the woods. The reason for this is this. Let’s say you want to hang onto that special crystal. Well, that sub-self will instantly recognize that you have not let go, that you have lied to it, and will simply do what you do, hang on to everything, rendering the ceremony as fruitless.

Add whatever you like to all this, and stay as long as you like. Then go about your day, released from the cares of 3rd density and mortal humanity.

If possible, it would be best if you can time all this so you can spend a few additional hours at rest, or even sleep, especially at the ceremony’s location, as those states of relaxation help the people on hand to continue to retrieve and deal with your purged, and purging, stuff.