Tales of Mastery & Imagination

9243067264?profile=originalThese are the tales of Mastery, as conscious understanding can make changes through all the physical and subtle bodies. They are mostly to show you how completely beside the point your present physical vessel is other than as a vehicle through which multiple versions of your own higher selves can work. Deep understanding brings about increasing responsibility, which brings with it expansion, which facilitates these higher versions of you to become you.

Some will give a very clear and resounding message regarding energy, and responsibility for that energy. Others are to illustrate what thought can do, and does do, with every thought we have on astral levels, which then bleed back into 3rd density to either continue this level's toxification, or to be part of turning it around. And some are to illustrate how the body, as an example, can go on functioning perfectly in day-to-day activities while YOU are away from it, completely unaware that you are. While others will illustrate how, why and when choices are made, often from lack of reason or due to ignorance. Still others will show how completely false this simulation is, thus taking you towards the True Awakening.

These will be added to from now on, so please check back from time to time.

The Judge
Blood on the Wall
The Inquisitor
The Ghost-Whisperer
The Bright-Eyed Huna
High Strangeness on Fifth Avenue
Madame Mother Miriam
The Crystal Skull




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