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If you haven't done it, the first thing to do would be to start into The Simple Truth: Fast Path To Freedom. It's a simple, clear, easy program to do, and the things it suggests are an ongoing process supplemented by what's in these documents, which can take you deep into the wormhole.

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To make The Simple Truth even more effective and powerful, our Alchemy is an astonishingly potent tool for help in purging all of your subtle bodies of all the stuff that absolutely must go to reach the levels we're making available here.

The Blue Emerald Social Start Here page gives all the information necessary to understand what we're doing and why we're doing it. The rest of the Wormhole documents are a kind of compilation of 25 years of learning and experience and go into some detail on what Mastery really is from many angles and historical perspectives, and also goes a little into why our Awareness Bilocation System training replaces so much of what would otherwise be impractical and difficult disciplines for the average person to commit to.

These documents also go into what you’d be getting yourself into by starting seriously down any path towards what is referred to as “Mastery.” If you were to do nothing but put The Simple Truth to work for you, and then supplement that system by reading and completely understanding these, it’s all you’d need to know to get started down that path, and ultimately would be all you’d need to know period if you were also able to get in complete control of your every expressive mode. You could read these twenty times and you’ll find yet another layer of meaning and understanding, so plan to revisit them down the path a ways, probably more than once.

These are also alchemy unto themselves, and will begin triggering things in you, mostly memories. Just know that we have so many project partners not in 3rd density bodies in all this that you're getting a ton of openings and adjustments just by willingly opening and reading the documents. Besides, they're fun, and we do reveal every main secret there is everywhere on this Website, but most of them are concentrated in these pages.

Wormholes 3 and 4 are a single document broken up into more manageable pieces.




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