JD Aliix replied to Adam Bombadil's discussion Web3 Holistic Societies
"We submitted to Immutable for grant funding, and they remain at the top of our list for the one-stop game builidng solution. We have yet to hear from them, and I imagine our project will not be easy to suss through. The big difference between us and…"
Max Holmberg replied to Chris Elamri's discussion Curious About Your Take Of The Joe Rogan & Terrence Howard Interview
"Amazing stuff to hear, it's honestly a subject that I personal don't hear a lot about. Terrance brings up a lot of interesting connections when it comes to frequencies and relationships with the periodic table. I'm not well versed in the science and…"
Adam Bombadil replied to Adam Bombadil's discussion Web3 Holistic Societies
"Immutable looks like a great platform to build games on. I see they've created something called Passport for their authentication and non-custodial wallet, which works with anything built on the platform. The EVM and Solidity combo is another option…"
Adam Bombadil replied to Adam Bombadil's discussion Web3 Holistic Societies
"That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that.
The blockchain space is fairly new to me, so I'm just exploring and trying to figure out best practices. I'm also curious how many other people are willing to learn about it and set themselves up to join the…"
JD Aliix replied to Adam Bombadil's discussion Web3 Holistic Societies
"Hi, Adam. We're building a DAO, Xenxu World. https://xenxu.world. One of our top priorities is to build a game, and you say you're going to be building apps? That's all our game would be. "
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Adam Bombadil posted a discussion
I’ve started exploring the Web3 space as a systems engineer and wanted to document what I’m seeing so far, as well as what I’m doing to get started. If you’re not too familiar with Web3 or blockchain, I’ll give a quick overview. It’s not all about…
May 22
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May 22
Chris Elamri replied to Street Poet's discussion Testimonials and Results of the alchemy
"I have tried several of the products over the last three years and I very often feel a "lightning-like" boost and a lot of resonance/intuition to use them. Although much I often feel I can't verbalize!Few years ago (before using the products) I felt…"
May 22
Chris Elamri posted a discussion
Hello friends!As of recent, the products are so instantly felt. It's incredible!! I feel supercharged with light and my crown is dripping a kind of liquid honey. Much seems to be happening! I have this feeling that my fontal and top head is melting…
May 21
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Ralph Silcox posted a status
This past Sat I was not feeling well. I had a cold for week, been on the road, and had a day in a Hotel room. Not sure if was a mindset
but I needed "SOMETHING" I had some Crystals with me and laid them out and I took a tiny bit of SEMBRIA, SRI…
May 1
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Apr 23
Paisios Papapavlou replied to JD Aliix's discussion FASCINATING CODING ELEMENTS OF THE EARTH SIM
"Well, in the Nineveh constant calculations, for the mathematics to work you need to use the metric system- let that sink in for a minute: the Nineveh constant majorily applies to orbital mechanics IF the unit of measurement is in miles. 
I have…"
Apr 21