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On Monday last week my IonCleanse foot bath arrived and the next day started a focused cleanse, incorporating the Blue Emerald Alchemy method described on the Purazyme page, alongside the Medical Mediums 3-6-9 advanced cleanse. I am 8 days into the c

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4 Replies · Reply by Noni Oct 18, 2023
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The war within

As something I deal with myself, I wanted to post about this to bring in some alternative perspectives and see if we align in any way and find solutions to any problems that we face.

Throughout my life, I've eventually fought with enough people to rea

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56 Replies · Reply by Matthew Sep 2, 2023
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Bad blood

It is posited by Rudolph Steiner that blood is the fluid that creates the 'I' idea. In Left Hand Practice, many deities would want a blood pact in order to influence your selfhood- signing contract w/the devil. Endogamy practised by royals was not a

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2 Replies · Reply by Paisios Papapavlou May 25, 2023
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Cosmic Agency Videos

A friend recommended I check out a video by this group. I wound up watching some of the content.  As always, use your disernment around information that is channeled but I thought this informaiton was particular sound in terms of my own experience ar

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10 Replies · Reply by JD Aliix Feb 9, 2023
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Hello Superbeings! +Some Questions

Hey Jason and Superbeings :)

I've to improve my english first, therefore i'll keep it simple.

Thx for all your doing and im sooo excited to be here!

Thx for the puramyd, it works like a charm! Btw mine's 41,5 grams, 4+1=5+5=10 coincidence?xD 

I guess my

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1 Reply · Reply by Mary Betts Nov 21, 2022
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