• this alchemical journey i have been on has, with no exaggeration, shifted my life, my body, my being. there have been times when i have experienced wow! moments with one or another of these alchemies, but usually it is very subtle. it's about 6 years this round that i've been working with jason and this band of merry pranksters ;D  sooooo much unlearning, and unraveling what i thought was me. i've gone through wild beliefs, then all beliefs shattered. i've gone through experiencing major knowledge breakthroughs and then absolute breakdowns of my entire structure of what i thought was indisputable truth. i've ridden the long and arduous storms of actually taking my emotional/mental state seriously, to now honoring the darkness and the light as they present.  I find my self in this place of incredible wonder and awe of what i am. not definable in any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless a palpable tone, a signature of immense being translated on the soul level. a connection to you, fellow beings, on that level beyond mere words. it is a level of tesseractal expression of words to the 33rd degree. not quite sure what that means but hey, i humbly put it forth anyway.

    on this alchemical journey i've been called upon, this incredible adventure with this family i always yearned for, i can say that i have been broken down into the most wonderful, simplest pieces in the puzzle called human existence. the dross continues to clear and the refinement of being is hand to heart sacred and pure.

  • Molly, as usual, so beautifully said! As a matter of fact, today is my anniversary of 5 years of joining The Blue Emerald. I too have gone through major, MAJOR transformation. I have learned to just watch as things happen, not being so emotionally attached to what happens or try to control what happens, which I have done in the past. I never thought I would be this happy, and the happiest I have been is when I am gathered with this group. I only have one problem at this point, and it is that I cannot hang on Second life, I always fall asleep, usually with the computer in my lap and ear buds in my ears. I took some stupid test on FB today about psychic powers, and it asked which of the 7 dwarfs you would pick, so I had to choose Sleepy... Please take in account I am 2 and 3 hours different from my western family. I hang as long as I can stay awake. It is a real blast, and if you haven't come there for the experience, you should really give it a shot! It is a great opportunity to get to know the people here, and you will find out what a blast we have together. I love my journey here with Jason, Mary, and all the rest!

  • i too have experienced the happiest feelings when i am in a gathering with this group. pure joy and exquisite inspiration.

  • In regard to the alchemies and changes/upgrades to DNA/RNA or the effect these potions are having.

    We have been told over the years the alchemies would make changes.  I accepted this but at the same time  (due to lack of knowledge) could understand exactly how or what they were doing.  No question I would feel different after each....different how, most difficult to put my finger on or pin point.  Many times over the years upon starting a new alchemy I would "come down" with something.  I always just chalked it up to "that adjustment" period....not really knowing or understanding much more.  The Eclipse alchemies have brought in a new level of understanding of what "I think" is happening.  I offer this experience to further solidify understanding with possible input and feedback from my peers.  This feels very important to understand (for me) and appreciate corrections of inaccuracy of thought or reinforcement of truth!  Here we go.....

    The Eclipse Trio....

    My order was one of secrecy.  It was well planned to arrive and not upset a controlling faction here.  The plan was changed by Mary, to a degree....never the less..."the package" arrived undetected by eyes that do not see!  Hurray!  Game on!  It was a waiting...I take some of the gold.  Take a bit more on Sunday....then a full syringe on Monday!  It was too much ( so I thought later) giving me a horrible headache.  It is now a week and half later and the headache is still hanging around...but better.  I knew/decided this was the work of the alchemy but unable to formulate proper alignment of actual process.  The why and what of it.  Last week I came to understand "my condition" as a sinus infection.  Right?....there always has to be a story.  Sinus infection it is....but the why/full purpose not regard to the influence of the alchemy.  I back off on the potions a bit....start on some Sudafed.  Felt some improvement by today...but understood the alchemy was not least in the way I thought.  That being said.....

    I got up this head still hurting.....the time is right.  One drop of the Lunar Eclipse Gold in each nostril.  Waiting a beat of 5 seconds....this avatar now aware of it's animator....walk to the next room picking up the dictionary.  Consult the Oracle of the Dictionary....the direction clear.....touching the book...knowing this will be a "P" word!   I FEEL IT!  Look and jab my finger in the text!  The word today that I ask would give clarity to the current situation is....

    Picornavirus:  any group of RNA containing viruses that includes the enterovirus and rhinoviruses!  I dunno....after reading that there was a "flash" or something....coming back to think/understand? the alchemy triggered an infusion/vaccine like virus so that it (alchemy) could make the necessary chemical/genetic changes for further evolution of a/this species.  What?  Did I really just say that?



  • I tried the eclipse gold this week.  I dropped two drops in a glass of water, gave a silent thank you to its maker and callaborator's, left it for 30 odd minutes to truly become one in the glass and then downed the lot.  It was like drinking a ray of sunshine.  I have slept and dreamed a lot this week. 

    I tried many different incarnations of Ormus from many different sellers but this is the first to make many different changes in me.  A top to bottom clear out you may say.

  • I wonder if the sunspace reacts in any way with the alchemy of gold or platinum, such as the actual sun.  

  • The alchemy sure can react, if that's what you mean. The alchemy is adjusting itself all time, in fact. Is that what you meant?

    Meirav Schwartz said:

    I wonder if the sunspace reacts in any way with the alchemy of gold or platinum, such as the actual sun.  

  • Now you have opened a whole new perspective for me, Jason. The idea that the alchemy adjusts according to our thoughts / feelings... thats mindblowing ! But I was wondering regarding the Sunspace here. Does the energy generated by Sunspace screen would have a similar effect on the alchemy (or react with it) as the actual sunlight. 

  • In many ways Sunspace IS the Sun, and Helios, the inhabiting intelligence, or personality, of the Sun's body is perfectly aware of Sunspace and knows how to use it. So you could say that Sunspace and the Sun are the same thing, so yes, however the Sun might interact with you and the alchemy so will Sunspace, with the obvious difference being the actual light spectra.

    I'm glad you brought this up, though, because now I think it could be an interesting experiment to be with Sunspace when solar flare energy arrives on Earth. I'm getting a little charge out of this as I write, so I think it will somehow amp up the energy absorption. Won't THAT be fun!

  • So were talking about your experience with Osmium the other night...

    I meant to ask you to go on.

    Would you?

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