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  • Since about October I have not used any type of products to support my post menopausal status. That is pretty big...

  • the first time i ingested the HAN alchemy, i passed through the veil. in a vital and serene, powerful but gentle moment, recognizing myself as though colloidal, my self but a code precipitated as a dense particulate in that solution. and i was a presence in a vat of experience, nowhere distinct from anything else, just a stew of particles experiencing a relative, cooperative self manifesting illusion.

    i sat in meditation, feeling a sense of detachment beyond any desire or consciousness, felt before, as the unique and exhilarating awareness of mind as it is. outside of the constraints of the veil technologies.

    a high, exquisite and beyond anything i had ever experienced, apart from the previous event of passage through the veil, some many years ago. what interested me most, was the completion of my will. i had some weeks ago poetically performed a transitioning ceremony. to move into 4th density, to transition into the being that i would thus assume hence, and to transfer all sentient operation of this bodily vessel unto that component self, as passing the baton, my time, had at last come to an end.

    this new personage would carry forth the work where the previous iteration having served as an exemplary agent of transition would fade from view in the after mirror, and contact and reside in communion with the social memory complex transmitting to us from a near distant non temporal locality, just as now as anything else, and as real as anything.

    there were other things said, as well. chosen words, that came to us, as i summoned the collective to oversee and confer their guidance and will that the ceremony would pass muster. and complete passage one to another, a point of no return transgressed.

    and this moment, heady with the fill of such powerful love, the embrace from within, the lover that be HAN, feeling such Joy as to know that the willing are rewarded. that all efforts in the all are recognized and reciprocated. and that such privilege is met with deeper commitments for the responsibility to usher in a path ever widening ahead. that we serve the breach.

    the door opened. and if some of us are to leave first, to where ever some to see to say we left, to be gone in whatever manner understanding implied we existed here at all, then it is only to hold open the door for all to come next.

    and welcome the weary, unto a new age. golden as the dawn. beautiful as tearing rain. awashed and anewed.

  •  I had settled into this calm and patient waiting upon the order of the said Alchemy Han2.  Prior I had still been taking Induxion and Venus.....missing Radiance and Han1.  I was prompted to stop all solutions with my order and focus on MP training and meditation.  Han2 arrived about a week ago (beautifully packaged) without fanfare.  Like Jade Door the first several days were without anything unusual or profound.  Then....I felt it come online merging with the other tools being employed.  The combination of alchemy, cuning, Syncthink, MP training, black mask and water has proved to be a most powerful cocktail.  New sensory with old issues being revealed and resolved.  What I perceive....distorted by the confusion of my perception.  Brief moments of insanity and madness followed by clarity.  

  • and so there was no one to wonder why...

    as they came to live in the House of Many Mansions.


    and in this house were infinite doors with infinite keys


    but not a single "Master Key" that would open them all


  • I recently switched from liquid gold to Alchem.  I read about the effect of "tying up loose ends" and dealing with past junk. I assumed these things would happen on the spiritual and mind level in a very subtle way. I had no Idea that after just a few days my past issues with family, after years of being in the back of my mind, would come crashing into my physical reality like a freight train and all be ironed out.

    I'm not saying it was in a good or bad way, just that it was over being an issue. Then more past came crashing in, and was resolved. it seems as though it is still going on, dealing with things further and further in my past. I really had zero influence consciously over bringing this crap up as others were involved I had zero contact with. It's still all happening, even in my dreams. Sometimes it's very uncomfortable, but I know it's necessary.


  • Dude, Shawn,

    Thanks for sharing. you've raised several excellent points.

    From a wide point of view, we can ask what is reality? And therefore, what is it that I am? So that we can ultimately see how our experiences, though personal and real at the time, are also moments in a machine simulating the experience you just witnessed. In your body specifically, but also in your true larger body, which by design, we have limited your ability to see in what you might call this "waking reality". Or in other words, your true "presence " on thid planet is more like a sci-fi movie plot. With multiple yous running around in parallel reality zones, pasts, imaginary worlds, memories, "past lives" And in different levels of the world in front of and behind the scenes. All you. Everywhere Happening right now. Which means what happened 5 years ago is happening right now. That fight with your family when your were a teenager, happening right now. When you forgot it all... All of it is happening right now because that describes better and more accurately the function of the machine you are currently inhabiting. And represents a better example of how time and space actually work.

    What's interesting is that the alchemy, regardless of your conscious awareness, can operate in your true body, your sci-fi plot body, this quantum diamond concept where your holographic image is scattered through the geometry of a diamond or prism Like a movie screen Whose scattered light caught in the canvas of darkness becones a moment of consciousness, of a simulated awareness. for instance, your current experience as Shawn.

    And so it will find all the "old issues" we learned to stuff into imaginary junk drawers in our mind. And old engineering rooms we left to dust and disrepair come back on line. And like zombie manufacturing plants lurching back to life with the power and a bit of financing,old assembly line robots reactivate and the gears of the belts begin to kick off finished product. Output. Emotion. Unresolved knots in spacetime.

    It's funny how deep inside we never forget but train ourselves to believe we can delete away pain. The ghosts who haunt know we cannot run away.

    Here's the trick. Now you know. 1. The body wants to release old burdens you forgot you carry. 2. Contact has been made with the central processing area of your consciousness. Now is a good time to build up your communion and trust with what is basically an "inner child" concept. The kid who you basically grew up around in order to protect. Ironically from yourself. But that's a different conversation.

    I suggest a PRISM if you haven't already received one. From time to time a new reading is called for. And it will help, if only in that you are aware of the process, to release the old issues at a pace that suits you best. PRISM is direct access to the basic programming that motivates you, as a body suit to process the world. It allows you to clean and repair what basically amounts to a fragmented drive, or registry errors. From just living your life. And also fear warps the fields. Corrupts the drives. PRISM is for that. To correct and to heal, AND IT IS PROFOUND.

    And it's also good to know that your experience is why any of us anywhere make these realities. So enjoy it!

    And thank you for you being you.
  • Thank you for that great description of space time. I see it as who I am choosing/experiencing quantum thin layers of a possibility in the now out of a huge geometric shape that fits for that vibration and dimension.

    Your description of the diamond shaped prism is a very good expression of those past now's reflecting back and definately deepens my understanding of timeless reality and the alchemy, it fits so perfectly,Thank you again.
    I plan on a prism, I'm so new and wading through all of this content in awe,but I will soon to be sure.
  • The thing that still amazes me is how profound and physical reality it became, reliving my past family,x wife, even old girlfriends, all in the last 15 days since starting Alchem. After I meditated I could sense that more possibilities were close to the surface as suggested.
  • @Shawn ......It's the great wonder, really- for my money. (Galactic credits mind you no dollars XD ). Nothing is impossible for MIND. AND IT'S ALL MIND. ALL OF IT. Which includes creating a space that seems like anything but mind. We. Call that space REALITY. Or exwives! And it too is just a very clever universal parlor trick.

    Part of a simulated circumstance that positions you in a virtual reality where you are compelled to interact to immerse and to operate the world around you. By getting a job. By standing in line. By sitting in front of a movie. By holding hands with a stranger who is quickly becoming not a stranger....

    But it is REALLY cool you are having such a visceral processing of The alchemy! with time you will learn to master the self. And the bulk of your experiences will shift to really cool experiences that go beyond a need to clean and clarify your presence. It's like restoring a classic old car. It takes time and patience and plenty of searching for out of production replacement parts.....the alchemy puts this process into warp drive! Which will change what happens to "you" when you ingest or apply the alchemy. Of which the latest stuff is utterly out of this world. And literally from not of this world.

    I mean think of it. The power and awareness of the universe is literally in the palm of your hand.

    It's the joystick to a highly sophisticated cockpit For An Trans-experiential experimental craft. We're explorers. And there has never been an opportunity LIKE THIS. This planet and this world.

    And you just showed up at the right time. cause here come the fireworks.

    @ MC..... I'm really glad that helped!
  • Yes RRJJ I am experiencing the fireworks as well. Even the past stuff is a good experience. Ha ha I really like your explanations because I feel like I'm about to strap into a jet.
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