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  • Once a great wizard! Always a great wizard! Jason is the real deal !
  • Love your new avatar JD.
  • Comment for Jason Davis on the recent superbeings newsletter/book launch: This date is a flaw because of Void of course moon!! I can explain better, ans in detail by email. Fred Opmeer
  • Bonjour Jason
    J'adore la première tant pour ses magnifiques couleurs que pour l'énergie qu'elle véhicule 👌 ça invite au voyage... Bravo beau travail 🙏😉
  • Bonjour Jason 🙏
    Projet Mythion... Belle plume! Bravo vous avez mis du cœur est je ressens de la profondeur dans ce récit et j'apprécie d'autant plus qu'il est écrit avec les tripes..!
    Gratitude Jason 🙏
  • Bonjour Jason
    Je commence Sembria je voudrais savoir si je peux le plusieurs fois par jour ?
    Gratitude 🙏
  • Bonjour Jason
    Je tenais à vous remercier je viens de recevoir Sembria avec beaucoup de gratitude 🙏
    J'aimerais savoir le bon dosage et le meilleur moment pour utiliser se petit trésor ?
    Avec gratitude et bienveillance 🙏 🙏
    Lumineuse journée à vous ☀️
  • Jason, I am new to the Superbeings forum and wanted to ask you about the Ion Cleanse Footbath by AMD. I read in the article you posted about heavy metals and how you we're 14 sessions in with the Premier machine. I am inquiring about how many sessions in total would be adequate enough to properly detox from said heavy metals as I am debating whether to buy the Solo outright or if I should do the pay per cleanse program? I havn't read anything about the requiered amount of sessions and was hoping you might provide some insight as to how many foot bath sessions I should do in total to be clear of heavy metals. I can't thank you enough for sharing you're story and for making me aware of this electrolysis technology to detox and restore health and wellness. I look forward to replicate your detox method with the aid of Purazyme and the other alchemical products to reduce the amount of time to detox with the alchemies! Thank you for having me and for this wonderful space to share knowledge and to expand and grow. Much respect and gratitude....Gian Carlos
  • Hello Jason Davis, I hope you are doing well.
    I'm new to this forum and I don't know how it goes. I want to buy alchemical products and have them delivered to me in the city of Paris in France. But I can't find a link (means) to place an order for Paris in France as for certain other countries of the European Union.

    as it is a bit complicated to place an order and delivery times can take a while, I want to place a large order of all alchemicals, in order to have them all delivered to me at one time, and work individually with them following the others over several months from the beginning, the cleansing of the physical body and the subtle bodies, with the simplest consequences.

    Can you help me with the purchase and delivery of these alchemicals to my place in Paris, France please.

    PS: Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

  • Hi Jason, when will the wormhole docs be back up? I wasn't able to finish them. Thx!
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