Hello friends!

As of recent, the products are so instantly felt. It's incredible!! I feel supercharged with light and my crown is dripping a kind of liquid honey. Much seems to be happening! I have this feeling that my fontal and top head is melting (it's been like this for almost two years) but more pressure and intensity are happening recently. 

I recently saw this video and it's fascinating!

I am just curious if you have seen it and your thoughts. 

Thank you & much Love!

PS: also huge thank you for the products and websites. Incredible! 

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g197xdRZsW0&t=677s

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  • Amazing stuff to hear, it's honestly a subject that I personal don't hear a lot about. Terrance brings up a lot of interesting connections when it comes to frequencies and relationships with the periodic table. I'm not well versed in the science and theories of it but truthfully it feels right intuitively for me. I'm also really happy that this information is being brought up in the main stream a little. 

    • Yeah it was very cool even though much goes literally over my head (thus straight to Intuition haha)! 

      Planets as Sun's excrements! Goldilock's life zone and future/past versions of "us" adapting to different conditions. 

      Everything transforms and the periodic table is primitive 

      Mentioning the divine! 

  • Heya Chris. I just wanted to let you know that I have the watching of this video on my list and will respond after I've seen it. I can tell you this: I've watched a couple Terrence Howard videos, and he has a few things right, and a few things wrong. 

    Welcome aboard! 

    • Hello Hello! That's awesome well I Am quite excited to learn about that. Thank you! 

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