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Hello Blue Emerald Tribe! This discussion is for you to place sayings, lines, random facts, allegories, comics and other interesting, uplifting and most importantly germane nuggets and gems you come across wanting to share but didn't know where. Put them here!


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  • Every now and then I enjoy tuning into what David Icke has to say. These little nuggets seems very germane in light of our recent call (I’m paraphrasing):

    The limit of the simulation is the speed of light.The speed of light is the simulation's processing speed. It's the rules of the game. Once you leave this simulation there are different laws of physics, not limited by the speed of light.

  • Always loved this video and song! What was the deal with big hats and the Nineties? The lyrics seem to be more relevant today...


    • Great song! It's been a long while since I've heard this. I hadn't seen the video before. Sleek!

  • Looking Back

    The answers are boring - it is the questions that contain all the mysteries.

    The destination is bland - the journey is where all the adventure is.

    Everything is pointless until you experience it - that is all the points wrapped into One.

    - Whoever the Heck I Channeled This Morning

  • I've started reading books by Masanobu Fukuoka and find his philosophy and lifestyle quite fascinating.

    Here is something from, "The Road Back to Nature":

    People normally think that this moment in which they read, talk, or sip tea is the world of reality. They believe that the world beyond this is an unreal world, an abstract world. This me as I talk and sip tea here is a physically and biologically perceived reality. But we are speaking and acting here on the basis of abstract notions held by man. My drinking tea here is not really a natural situation. I've come to this unnatural city Tokyo, had an unnatural meal, and because I am now speaking more than I need to, I've gotten thirsty. And that is why I'm drinking this tea. This action takes its source in abstract notions unique to man and in human emotions. Here we have tea, and people are drinking that tea. But this differs from the animals and birds drinking water in nature. From the standpoint of the bird, this human world is unreal. The sparrows drinking water in the park next door -- that is a real scene. However, although it may appear as the same world, as a corner of the same city, this scene of people talking and drinking tea here in a special reception room decorated in the Japanese style is an imaginary world. Speaking religiously and philosophically, this is an imaginary world, while the idyllic and apparently unreal world of the bird over there is more realistic. The world within this room where we discuss God and the Buddha as abstractions is a world of drunken dreams. It is nothing more than a world of mental recreation...

    Our world is an abstract, conceptual world. People must learn to discard these concepts one after another until they see at last that only what lies up to the edge of the field is the real world. One could say that what I have been striving to do is to restore an unreal world to reality. Everything I do, including writing books, is aimed at exciting a comprehension of God, but all I am able to do is to argue as fully as I can the futility of argument and discussion in bringing about comprehension. I argue and debate in order to know for myself just how useless it is to debate over God. One does not need a camera or tape recorder to approach birds in the field. No amount of research will help one to approach closer to them. No matter how much one investigates the bird's heart, the effort will be wasted. But by dispensing with such investigation, one will begin to understand the feelings of the birds... All I do is repeat these words and thoughts over and over again.

    So, rather than drinking tea and coffee here, the idea is to shed this and shed that. Even though drinking the tea prepared by a renowned master of the tea ceremony such as Sen no Rikyū may help one to experience a bit of the ambience of God, one does not approach closer to God as a result. Once you realize this and cut yourself off from this, you eventually become foolish and empty-headed. When the head is empty, then you become aware suddenly that a bird is singing over there. You realize that the bird was close to God and you see also just how far man was from God. That is the only way there is to understand. No alternative exists but renunciation.

    During the close to fifty years that I've been farming, I've done nothing other than to abandon one useless practice after another...


    While he had the privilege of taking over the family farm, he goes on to talk about why he never conducted classes or wrote lessons about natural farming, because it wasn't even really a thing. It was just the simplest name he could come up with to explain what he was doing; trying to reverse all the previous farming practices that became part of society that are turning the planet into a desert, and destroying people's health.

    He was a very influential leader and had people from all over the world come to stay with him to study his methods. It sounds like all he really wanted to do was find some good food each day and take naps.

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