A Compendium of Gems and Nuggets

Hello Blue Emerald Tribe! This discussion is for you to place sayings, lines, random facts, allegories, comics and other interesting, uplifting and most importantly germane nuggets and gems you come across wanting to share but didn't know where. Put them here!


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  • Every now and then I enjoy tuning into what David Icke has to say. These little nuggets seems very germane in light of our recent call (I’m paraphrasing):

    The limit of the simulation is the speed of light.The speed of light is the simulation's processing speed. It's the rules of the game. Once you leave this simulation there are different laws of physics, not limited by the speed of light.

  • Always loved this video and song! What was the deal with big hats and the Nineties? The lyrics seem to be more relevant today...


    • Great song! It's been a long while since I've heard this. I hadn't seen the video before. Sleek!

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