Swaruu video favourites

This thread is for everyone's favourites among the Cosmic Agency and Swaruu youtube vids, along with brief descriptions so people know what to expect (or think they know :D, pretty cutting edge stuff). Posters, please do leave a brief description to make it easier for visitors to curate what interests them.  

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzTjcmjVJ3s

    Start off with a banger. This gets into 'Parthenogenesis' ~ self-cloning through self pregnancy, reincarnation looping through the same fetus and lifetime repeated multiple times, occupying more than one body with a single soul, and more. Enjoy

    • I'd like to create a novel series out of this video alone. These women fascinate me, and now I'm thinking we have done something with the October 31 portal and the Magdalenian ladies that is somehow related to this. 

      I intend to find out. 

      • Yeah she fascinates me tool. Given how we're seeing time works we could be relating to any point in past present future huh. I have felt connection with her (yazhi) but in unclear dreams.

        • If you want to connect to her better you need to want that explicitly, create a connection, try and reach out for her and she will not leave you empty handed

      • https://youtu.be/NsmbJIIJnCM?si=yrf2_Oa2BVRd1V0s

        This one is worth watching as well, gives you a sense of how the Taygetan crew members see what's happening and also Yazhi's own perspective. Haha it seems almost like she's training them to be more fearless and open minded. Could be she's legit just a naughty child as well :D.

  • This series, although I'm not quite sure where Part 3 is, is really good if you feel like having your Jesus beliefs dismantled. The one on Arsinoe, Part 4, Cleopatra's sister as the model for Mary Magdalen is pretty enlightenening as well. As we've said around here a hundred times, "apocalpyse" means one thing: dissolving of the veils, and all the truth is coming out, and in our history, almost nothing is true. 


    PART 2: https://youtu.be/pjJo0dkC744?si=UHTlJDIke5wVySzJ

    PART 4: https://youtu.be/yJSWQ29mRH8?si=boTguIhPBrx4Bz6J

  •  This is among my favourites!

    It's about establishing the link between the astral and physical dimension. I could feel tingles around certain spaces, getting the feeling that some spaces are full of malevolent astral entities, I could get random thoughts that (didn't) belong to me and I would believe they did and this lead to confusion. This article addresses some important practical real-life stuff as well as the beginning of telepathetic knowing by understanding what is and isn't yours noetically. 


    Pagina oficial de Swaruu, Official page of Swaruu.
  • https://youtu.be/ep8thC8cR6Q?si=K6S7FOvG9hg4pBWw

    This is a really interesting vid of Yazhi's personal experience with teaching herself how to teleport ~ through the use of deep states ~ with practical advice on how to go about it. As always it ties into reworking our understanding of so called time and space, really just frequencies and energetic situations, among other things.

    💜 enjoy

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