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9243059687?profile=originalAs it is with all our documentation, it's up to you to flow with it or not. We’re not here to convince your conscious mind of anything, but instead are talking to and connecting with the inner you. This is the being who will eventually win you over anyway.

This document is an overview, a sort of orientation, of the various meanings that can be taken from the broad subject of Mastery. It’s a simpler topic, and process, than you might think. In fact, achieving it is the simplest thing in the world if you have absolute mastery over all your expressions. However, almost nobody does.

More importantly we go into some detail on how we are achieving it, with a hugely simplified and efficient system of gaining understanding and skills while actively engaged in the practices of the Masters right from the start. What sets our system apart is that it fits precisely with the core objectives, and prime directive, of The Superbeings.

If you’re ultimately not interested in our greatly simplified and very efficient system, this document will still get you off to a very solid start on a path to Mastery, and many of our meditations, practices, visualizations and write-ups would be used by any aspiring Master anywhere, whether fully engaged in our system or not. These Wormhole Documents do in fact reveal every secret there is. Whether or not you know how to see them for what they are is the only question.

What exactly is Mastery? Maybe that’s the best place to start, with that question. For the most part, throughout history, it’s a reference to the ability to instantly and directly manipulate spacetime, such as instant manifestation, and teleportation/translocation, levitation/flight, greatly increased psychic abilities…all that. There are many people in this world with those abilities, many more than we might think, most of them from indigenous-shamanic traditions, for it’s in those traditions that they have remained as living traditions being passed from teacher to student.

Perhaps the definition can be simplified. Mastery is the process of becoming a conscious bridge between cause and effect, or causal realms and effect realms, where the “time” differential between the cause and the effect become nearly simultaneous as one’s Mastery over it all increases. Through the practices designed to help people to reach those levels, knowing results, and there isn’t anything we can’t do if we know we can.

The definition can be simplified yet again. Gaining Mastery is the process of becoming an increasingly open and stable bridge between two (or more) different dreams, consciously, willfully, and it’s this definition on which we will be focusing our energies in The Superbeings, because it is the simplest and most efficient way to understand and actually do, plus we have the tools, techniques and training to match it.

But we should enlarge a bit on what is meant here. When we dream while sleeping, we are perceiving 4th and 5th density realms, which are quite malleable and changeable by thought alone. Just because they are malleable, where their features can be changed, or completely recreated, instantly, doesn’t mean they’re not as real and valid as this one, because they most certainly are both as real and as valid as this one. In those dreams we can fly, instantly manifest, and so on, which means that we can also do those things in this dream by bridging the two. But while we’re in that dream, we’re not subject to the consciously programmed limitations of this dream, and thus we can do whatever we want. The truth is, we can do whatever we want in this dream, but we just don’t know it yet. Part of why we don’t know it is because we haven’t been completely deprogrammed of the conscious level limitations standing between ourselves and freedom from doubt.

Another reason we don’t yet know we can do those things in this dream is we don’t yet comprehend the potentially tremendous responsibilities associated with doing whatever we want in any dream. Once we comprehend the magnitude of those responsibilities, we’ll have simultaneously learned that we ourselves as self-sentient and sovereign individuals are actually mostly free of want, and are now a “wanter” only on behalf of the All, where our desires are actually those of Infinite Mind. And with Infinite Mind fully behind us as a partner in Creation, there isn’t anything we can’t do on its behalf, which is the very purpose of Surrender. And in our continued expansion, which means pushing orders and orders of magnitude beyond what we perceive ourselves to be now, all we’ll increasingly find out is that the less self we are, the more Infinite we are, and thus as an individual acting consciously as the All.

An individual acting consciously as the All is, in fact, exactly what a Master is and is always in the process of further becoming.

One of the reasons so many people in this dream don’t yet comprehend an ever-greater scope of responsibility, and the precisely proportionate awareness of a much greater reality, is because they refuse to accept responsibility for themselves and their thoughts even now. A ginormously wise being was once asked, "How does one accelerate one's being into living, being, the Infinite Law of One?"

The answer is fantastic, and very satisfying. "There are many in the world who practice love and light to move towards such an eventuality, but if those same ones instead simply took responsibility for every moment of their lives, their path to this eventuality would be far shorter."

This being isn’t belittling the wonderful love and light crowd out there, because the work that is constantly being done through them, very often without their conscious knowledge of it, has helped tremendously in bringing about the needed balance discussed in The Superbeings Story that has helped to increase the harvest so effectively (don’t know what is meant by “harvest”? – click and read the document just linked to above). So in that one sentence from the wise being above, you have been given the Keys to the Kingdom. You don’t actually have to read on from here, because if we were to choose to be conscious of every single moment of our lives starting right this second, and be acutely aware from one moment to the next of our direct and unavoidable responsibility in everything we sense and/or experience, increasingly realizing that it is all in our head, Mastery is absolutely inevitable, and would happen with such speed it would stun us, and nothing could stop it, actually.

BUT, there is something paramount to consider in spite of what was just said. As has been pointed out before, we’ve already done all that. We’re not here to repeat those steps, at least as our highest priority. We are here to help with a massive project, and those steps just happen to help, to be part and parcel, in this massive project, at least where we’re concerned. This is why we have agreed to be designed and constructed with pains, with illnesses, with all manner of distractions and addictions, and have thoughts and actions that don’t seem to belong to us, and everything else which has been needed to keep us in this system in order to help us to complete our assignment.

In short, we have not yet chosen our way to Mastery, to this much expanded mode of perception, because we are here to accomplish those essentially repeated steps with a group, because the group dynamic is incalculably more powerful when our objectives are global. So, it just so happens we have designed and constructed ourselves to require a support system, with friends and family and step-by-step instructions, exercises, systems, gatherings, sharings and fun stuff to do, to see our own plan through.

Where The Superbeings’ way of doing things simplifies things even more in terms of actual mechanics is that Infinite Mind wants to build a bridge between the two dreams – it’s The Plan – and in so doing we are automatically, without effort, becoming less and less subject to the consciously programmed limitations of this dream because we’re bridging to this one a dream where those limitations don’t exist, and never have, for it’s a place that has never been contaminated with energy and concept of doubt.

Another reason what we have going here is the simplest and most efficient way to Mastery is due to a few additional things: 1) the 5th density dream we are interacting with exists, is sovereign and organized, and is a known quantity; 2) we’re already consciously visiting it, having meetings and open, curious and mutually beneficial experiences and cultural exchanges; 3) this has been the plan for thousands of years and is just beginning its momentum about right now; 4) because The Superbeings’ very reason for being is to do just that, to bridge two different dreams, and there is therefore much help, guidance, impetus, special attention, established systems, and so on, to guarantee this group’s success. We are by no means alone in what we’re doing, and we are literally working, in a consciously organized way, with beings not in 3rd density Earth bodies who have needed expertise, who are sharing that expertise with us, who carry out related assignments, and who are guides, monitors, experience organizers, ambassadors and friends.

Allow me to repeat for emphasis. We are consciously doing this now, already, right this second, and so can you. Anybody reading this has inherent within them the ability to do this. It’s in fact why you’re here. You have but to start into the Awareness Bilocation System (ABS) training. But we recommend you read on, because starting into the ABS training has built-in responsibilities, and the more you understand what you are getting yourself into, the more ready you are for expansion into ever greater responsibilities and the systems that get you there.

There are some out there who might question that such a massive “cultural exchange” requires any sort of training, and that is a legitimate question, so let’s address it. And while addressing it, let’s solidify your knowledge with respect to responsibility where thought and action have very real, and therefore potentially damaging, effects in less physical, more thought-based, domains. It’s also really quite simple.

If we’re in and/or of the Earth 3rd density system, no matter how “clean” and “clear” we are, we’re still a dense and contaminating presence, because we can’t be in this system and not carry in our fields its toxicity, its attitudes, its unprocessed pockets of densities, and so on. Every uncanceled, uncleared and unprocessed thought ever thought on Earth is still hung up in its own subtle bodies, despite the tireless and largely thankless efforts of (what are only fairly accurately called) lightworkers to help in loosening and transmuting it all. The reason it’s only fairly accurate to say lightworkers has been pointed out in other areas of this site. It’s really much more accurate to say “grayworkers,” as the Middle Path is the one we are all here to walk despite our conscious beliefs to the contrary.

While the strictly physical toxicity is unquestionably significant and is in fact an ultimate result of thought, what is held within Earth’s psychic realms, also called astral realms, also called thought realms, is millions of times as much toxic “information.” This is exactly why deprogramming can be such a daunting task, because each of us is an iceberg, and what we can’t see, what we’re not conscious of below the surface, is hundreds, thousands, even millions of times more than what we are conscious of, all of which needs to be cleared away.

Therefore, if we go to visit anywhere in the Cosmos using our - let’s call it - imaginative awareness (which is so closely related to teleportation you wouldn’t believe it), we are unavoidably a contaminant and are not granted admittance. A single contaminating thought from us, or even vibration with which we are not even aware, can start a world into a chain reaction leading to its total destruction sometime in its future. This is in fact how Earth wound up to be in its present condition. Now we know there’ll be some reading this who refuse to believe what’s being said, but it is universally true and our beliefs about pretty much everything are mostly irrelevant.

Many would say “Well, I visit other worlds all the time,” and our reply to that might be, “That might be true, but it also might be true that you are just inventive and imaginative and visionary and are not yet equipped with a system of discernment to tell the difference between what you yourself have retrieved from the depths of your own psyche, and what intrinsically exists and is being seen or experienced without the direct involvement of your own local imagination.”

This is one of the most powerful elements of the ABS, this discernment training, and why if we have been through the training our perceptions can therefore be considered reliable and which we can then add to our building knowledge-base, through experience, the actuality of the places we’re visiting. One of the biggest reasons we’re saying all this is that this training has single-handedly exposed dozens of self-proclaimed new age channelers and/or psychics, and it will continue to expose them for years to come (well, depending solely upon how quickly we get the job done!). It’s worthy of note that many of these so-called psychics were absolutely clueless as to their own fanciful inventions before using the system to expose themselves and thus give themselves a reliable system of discernment. The sincere among them used it to better themselves. The cons among them turned away and continued in their fraudulent ways, leading other sincere seekers down fanciful and fruitless paths.

So, based upon an understanding of what it means to be a contaminant, it should be easy to see why there must be stringent protocols in place for any sort of visitation, even on an individual scale, to say nothing of the scale The Superbeings will soon be operating on. In an almost United Nations way, our protocols have been gravitating into place with the concerted effort of people both here and there, meaning ourselves and them, and in many ways they have to be tested and perfected, and even streamlined, in order to accommodate an ever greater number of people involving themselves in this project. We have to understand that we could jump on a spaceship and fly to some world, but our 3rd density physical presence would be far less contaminating than would be our psychic, or thought, presence, to say nothing of the sheer reality shattering power of our emotional body. This all by itself should be a clear illustration for the power and energy in thought and emotion.

So, you could say that while the ABS is without question training, it is also the front-line protocol and security measure for these “missions of state,” this cultural meshing between worlds and is treated by all concerned as such. Make sense?

And, in less official capacities, we also just go meet in this 5th density realm on our own “property,” an ample chunk of “land” set aside just for us, a kind of “sandbox area,” so that we can cut our teeth on co-creative ventures between our local imaginations and the True Imagination within which that world is nested. Such co-creative processes, while light and fun, are also extremely important in all this because what we create there may also wind up here, for real, and we’ve already experienced getting our feet wet in that capacity. This is in fact how bridges between dreams are strengthened and clarified. This part is worthy of emphasis because there are many Masters in the world who imprint their visualizations upon just such a world in order to instantly cause its appearance here.

Back to other-realm visitations. If, on the other hand, you have legitimately and consciously visited other continua, or worlds, using a truer imagination within which the self you think of as you (the you reading these words) is nested, then you went there in some sort of body, a psychic body, yes, but no less valid than the body you’re using right now to read these words. Before you were granted access by the guardians of any of those worlds, you were scanned, “vetted,” cleansed, adjusted, re-aligned, and placed within a psychic organism that essentially shields that continuum from your contaminating presence. If you don’t recall having gone through that process, then there are parts of your visitation with which you are completely unfamiliar, which might actually call into question the legitimacy of your experience. See what we mean? Discerning the difference between True Imagination and your imagination is not an easy thing to do, thus, again, the ABS training.

There are other elements to these protocols that will be revealed when you’re ready to know them, so just have confidence in the fact that these requisites are already established and being used at present.

We also realize that some of you who have found yourselves reading this page don’t want to be involved in what we’re doing, at least not right now, but do want to avail yourselves of other elements of The Superbeings. Feel free. Get after it. The alchemy is a marvelous ally and rapid expansion tool, the most powerful here, in fact. We have no attachment to you or whatever you want to do, and everything you need to get you more than just started is found here in our semi-formal Mastery System. In fact, what is found here can take you all the way if you apply it all with consistency and discipline. Between our Alchemy and The Simple Truth, there is no system on Earth that would get you to Freedom/Mastery faster.

No matter what, though, it’s necessary for us to give background information on the Mystery Schools of the past in order to establish a foundation for a comprehensive orientation of what we’re doing. The reason this is necessary is so that you can completely understand how this is all being addressed by The Superbeings as a growing group, because we have simplified to a huge extent the path to getting there, and we want you to recognize the correlations. Part of the reason the path has been so greatly simplified is because if you’re reading this, as a Volunteer/Wanderer, you already know how to do these things. In that way, our job is to help all of us to recover those memories. But even more than that, while our system is very efficient, it also happens to fit beautifully with our group objectives for global effect.

If you don’t know what a Volunteer/Wanderer is, then there is another document you have to start with before coming back here to continue: The Superbeings Story. In fact, we can’t really even take on any “students” who haven’t read pretty much everything on The Superbeings Website, and for solid and practical reasons. The biggest reason for that is that our brand of Mastery training is specific to this group project, and you’d therefore have to be very familiar with The Superbeings objectives, and its many nuances, as a whole. However, if you disagree with, or don’t relate with, what we’re doing, then as mentioned the suggested reading, and much of what is written here, will give you as solid and salient a start into Mastery as you’ll find anywhere.

One of the reasons information like all of this has been kept within the walls of secret organizations, including indigenous peoples, is that the information can actually be dangerous. Because I myself can’t improve upon the way it’s put, I’ll quote from one of the books: “Expanding the awareness of an intellectual mind whose false conditioning and false beliefs are deeply ingrained is an exceedingly difficult process, and highly dangerous.”

I can speak to one of the reasons for this. Enlightenment, which is actually Square One, is essentially finding out that you’re not really alive, not in the sense that you think (i.e., no more alive than a ghost), and that all by itself is an incredible shock to the system (one that could drive an unprepared mind insane), and so even though you are interacting in a world that appears to be alive, and moving, and all that, once enlightened you know beyond any question whatsoever that it is not, that it is truly not even there, indeed at all. Or better put, that it is both there and not there at the same time, which is all the more insanity inducing! That creates a split awareness, which is what can put an unprepared person into a tailspin. But please don’t concern yourself – your guidance is on the spot…trust that.

Thus your intuition, once again, is very important here. If your intuition reports a resistance to moving forward with the reading here, follow it. Get prepared first. Almost everything we do here is about that preparation, especially the Alchemy and The Simple Truth. If you were to sign up at a true mystery school somewhere in the world, they would spend the first several years emptying you of your programming. If they were aware of our alchemy, they would become bulk purchasers of it because of its incredible efficiency in dislodging and transmuting belief structures and conscious level perceptual programming. You could meditate for years, decades or even lifetimes to do it, or you could use our alchemy and have it done in months, with only the dedication of a typical Westerner.

There are several ways you can intellectually discern whether or not you are ready to proceed into any Mastery Training, the most primary of which is if you want to do it in order to instantly manifest money, or abundance or whatever other related gimmicks are being packaged and sold now. Don’t get us wrong: those gimmicks are what are preparing people to find us, the Master Class. Here’s the problem in a nutshell. The most popular new age brand of thought right now is “Manifest the perfect and abundant life you desire!” And while that would have been handy a couple of hundred years ago, people are being encouraged to manifest a life in a world that is finished, and if they manage to manifest the “perfect and abundant life you desire…” then they’re actually helping to hold the old world in form. The only job right now is to hasten and ease the transition to the next continuum, where the need for that sort of thinking can’t even possibly occur.

So any kind of money programming’s actually the first one to be free of, as it is so diabolically and ingeniously embedded in our conscious streams of experience to keep limitation – which is another word for separation – firmly in place. Another way we can tell we’re not ready for this higher level perception is if we want to be able to perform miracles to impress our friends, family or even strangers. Although miraculous demonstration, as Jesus well knew, is a great way to open people’s minds to greater possibility, and almost all miracles, if not all, were performed for that reason alone, if we were to try to use them to acquire adorers/followers, to become a guru or to show people how amazing we are, the gifts will not have arrived for us to begin with, and will never arrive so long as such egoic masturbation is our personal self-serving objective.

I’ve asked many people this question: “Why do you want the abilities?” I have never, to this day, heard a single satisfactory answer. One guy actually thought a legitimate answer was “So I don’t have to fly in a plane to get to all the properties I intend to buy in the world by manifesting the money to get them.” When I said, “Did you know that you came here to fly in airplanes as part of the full range of available experience here?” he said, “That’s just stupid.” And I said, “OK, well, sounds good. I wish you the best.”

The reason there are so seldom satisfactory answers to that question is because wisdom is actually what opens the door to those abilities, and wisdom is the only thing that can supply answers to that question. Know this: wisdom and responsibility are hand-in-glove closely associated. In many ways, they are the same concept.

This brings us to one of the deepest truths associated with what today are considered supernormal abilities, and that is that there is a much larger, deeper and more impactful range of responsibilities embedded within their use. So picture it this way. If you are to take responsibility for every second of your life, all thought, word and action, with your current scope of awareness, imagine adding 100 times more awareness, a reality 100 times greater than what you presently perceive, to that scope and becoming responsible for all that! See what we mean? It’s the very definition of “be careful what you ask for.”

And so in seeking to penetrate and better understand the responsibilities that come with ever expanding awareness, the supernormal abilities will just come naturally through the apprehension of those recognitions and understandings. So it isn’t so much the abilities you’re after, but the knowledge from which the abilities naturally spring.

If you are here with sincerity, openness, a willingness to learn and want, or feel it is time, to transcend the limitations of your perceptions, then you’re in the right frame of mind. This may take a Surrender Ceremony, for surrender is the ritualistic, ceremonial act of initiating a process with the full knowledge that the small self is now being dissolved in order to make room for Metaself and its True Imagination.

But if we like our dramas, are addicted to this movie and would rather believe our senses, would rather believe that the world is real; if we’d like to stay who we are now in addition to becoming our superself, we’re not ready. To get where we want to go, we will have to let go the self we currently understand to be ourselves completely, which is ultimately the death of ego.

We’ll give just one example of the power of the programming, and if anybody reading this sees I have my facts wrong, please let me know. A few years ago a few thousand new agers were asked, “If you found out that you would have to become something other than who and what you are right now in order to achieve Ascension, would you still want to do it?” Seventy-five percent of them said “No.” That should be a sobering indication, because here we’re talking about at least semi-awake people who would rather stay what they are than achieve their highest, albeit fanciful, goal. What most of them did instead was to invent more falsities, usually in the form of systems to sell to people, to mold the truth to their egoic preferences.




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