Wormhole 2


9243051264?profile=originalThis document takes you deeper into the wormhole and includes many additional pieces and parts to help you be informed as much as possible about what you’re being invited, perhaps even guided, to get yourself into, and what is ultimately needed of you. It also includes organizational elements of The Superbeings, on both sides of the physical:nonphysical side of the dual equation, for our team includes many people, some of whom could be referred to as Masters (though the designation is, for them, silly), working in higher planes/densities. It makes some disclosures that you might find stunning, or maybe not, depending on how well-read you are along these topics, and then dampens all the potential commotion from that by again giving reassurance as to the simplicity and efficiency of what you are being invited to embark upon.  

You have presumably read the first Wormhole Document, which was designed to give pause, to give food for thought, to the “hurrier” (to get ahead), the “worrier” (about being left behind), the profane and unwise and overzealous while at the same time giving a glimpse of some basic understandings, including a bit on how our system works. If you’ve skipped to this one, read the first one first.

The people we need are mature, seasoned, serious, sincere, wide open to any possibility or teaching, are surrendered to the Will of the All, are noble in their thoughts, deeds and words, have nothing left to hide or protect, are dependent upon nothing but themselves while working consciously with the Will, Power, Wisdom and Intelligence of the All, and are no longer afraid of fear. If you are not yet that level of person, you will be by applying everything we do here. We’ll obviously be getting more into reaching those very liberating levels of being. That’s a big part of why you’re here – to get free of all that small and childish stuff.

Where this truly starts, mentioned elsewhere, is to be sufficiently awake to know that Earth has been a beautiful, magnificent and extremely effective classroom, has always been perfect just as it is, and has never needed changing as so many people lead themselves to believe. It’s a place designed to teach precisely what it does, to prepare the social memory complex evolutioners for their next density level of experience. Pardon the direct approach, but if we’re self-righteous enough, blind enough, to want to save everyone (indicating just how much we ourselves need saving) and give them the support they think they need to hold their self-imposed weaknesses in place  – then the very first thing we’re going to want to accomplish is to be free of that very limited form of thinking and emotional investment, as those are precisely what keeps Earth just the way it is.

If our preference is to get this done in a hurry, to skip steps, we don’t yet have all the right stuff in place. The reason this thinking has especial impact is because Masters don’t gain their levels of awareness and abilities in a vacuum. In other words, it is all given to them by True Masters either in or out of bodies. It is conferred upon them by people. And it is, most importantly, earned. These people see us right this second as we read this document, and if we’re someone who believes we can skip steps, or otherwise circumvent a universally established order for bestowal of spacetime modifying powers, we’ll be met with silence on our side of the senses, but on their side would be much loving and familial laughter. They love us, yes, beyond imagining, but you might be surprised to learn how much they laugh at us, not at our expense, but because we’re truly funny. Everybody caught up in and believing their dramas, and acting according to them, is funny. Check it out yourself. Soon you’ll be laughing at everything on the planet.

In that respect, even though we might believe ourselves to be ready for something, take it to the bank, we know less than they do about what we are ready for, which is another reason the Surrender is so necessary, as it can make you ready for anything so long as it's complete. That you’re reading this page means that you’ve probably already come to the recognition, through hindsight, that you always thought you were ready for something, this or that or the other thing, and all you found out later on is that you weren’t. You know what we’re saying. This has probably happened to us many times. In this way, this entire project is designed to attract precisely who is needed, and if they’re not yet ready, to get them ready and actively engaged.

To reinforce this particular level of understanding, please know that we defer completely to the higher intelligences, and take all of what is given to us to implement upon this plane. We understand completely that we are a limited physical arm (though extremely powerful operating in this system and quite advanced), much like an engineering division for physical implementation within a much larger multidensity and galactic corporation.

One who meets the “criteria” given above, which is basically just having grown up and accepted personal responsibility, is ready to get started on at least the most basic levels of what we’re doing. If you feel you belong, you belong. Please understand that all this must be said, with force and clarity, because The Superbeings will soon be mentoring hundreds of people, and giving counsel on an individual basis is already becoming difficult and well on its way to impossible.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

There is a shaman in Siberia locally famous because he travels a thousand miles through ten feet of snow in minutes to get wherever he’s going, which is usually to do some healing work in a village to which he has been psychically called. When he arrives, he plays a self-made stringed instrument and sings with three simultaneous voices, or tones, heals everybody there who needs it, dives back into the snow and is gone.

Several years ago, in a precursor project to this one, we had a young female member who went by the screen name, Rainbow Starchild. Some weeks after signing up, she asked quite reasonably in a forum what we could possibly have to offer when her own grandfather could disappear from one spot and reappear in another. Could any of us do that? And if not, why should she listen to anything we had to say? My answer was, “Why indeed? Go learn from him.” Turns out her father and grandfather and she were of the Sami people, a fairly well known indigenous people in Northern Scandinavia with ancient shamanistic roots. Her own father was at that time in training to translocate and used me as a visualization. She came back to her home town in Sweden and wrote to all of us that her father had visited me psychically and then proceeded to tell us all things neither she nor her father could know about me on a conscious level, but which happened to be dead-on true. My favorite was this: “He will share a very simple and pure message with the world that will help a great many people.”

Rainbow Starchild's father's vision is what became The Simple Truth: Fast Path To Freedom, and if you haven't yet checked that program out, do it.  It's the place to start, and might ultimately be all you'll ever need from us.

A man in Indonesia, in a type of Qi energy building and directing training, could move things without touching them and start fires with his palms. He was on Level 4 of 72 levels of the full training in their particular tradition, which has more to do with internally created energy than energy generated through thought originating from a higher mind, which is what I do.

Jesus trained for seven straight years in Qumran, the location of the Dead Sea Scrolls, where a very high level mystery school was located for hundreds of years prior to Jesus’ birth. He also returned to their community on and off for many years between his travels to Egypt and the Near and Far East, all of which was for more initiations and training. This facility still protected working artifacts passed down from Atlantis, and was modeled roughly on Egyptian initiatic training. Once when Jesus was still young, around 12, he’d built up such a surcharge of internal fire-energy that he accidentally killed another boy just by touching him.

In Hawaii, one of the most intact magical systems in the world still lives, unchanged since the time the Polynesians left what is now India. As with indigenous islanders all over the planet, they can walk across 700 degree volcano flows on their bare feet, heal broken bones and close and completely heal the torn skin through which the bone protruded in minutes, shapeshift into sea creatures, like sharks, become invisible and go on short pilgrimage treks around the islands, even in populated areas, and the list goes on.

An Apache shaman meditated in a cave for seven years, and emerged with the necessary recognitions and understandings that are needed to be able to do these things. We’ll get to what those are in a bit. This is a man who could shoot an arrow, with his bilocated awareness direct its trajectory for a mile, and hit his target. In a way very similar to the way Neo did it in The Matrix, he could also stop bullets, which would flatten themselves against an invisible barrier a foot away from him.

A teen-aged girl in some remote island, can’t remember where, is training a younger girl, perhaps 11, on how to dematerialize a stand of trees. She does this by doing a beautiful dance, singing a song, and those two elements brought to her the necessary knowing to accomplish the demonstration. After dematerializing it, to the delight and hand-clapping of the younger girl, she reverses the process and re-materializes them.

In a forest somewhere remote, two great Masters do battle for days on end, never once touching each other, but instead gathering and directing great bursts of energy, while gathering the needed energy to deflect the opponent’s bursts. It’s a Chess game carried out on energetic levels, and it is a battle between adversaries who both understand their conflict and resulting conflagration is a necessary quantum occurrence for bringing balance to given local and nonlocal energetic systems.

What is remarkable about all of this is that all of them are extraordinarily similar in how they do what they do, pointing to a common origin for them all. And all of them, if you managed to get into a conversation with any of them, would tell you that its basis is in what the uninitiated would call Divine Love, but which they would simply call Love, since those two words, Divine and Love, are exactly the same thing, making the expression Divine Love redundant.

You may have noticed that we have dropped hints here and there as to the underlying reality that all we’re talking about, ultimately, are sorcerers, or put in other terms: Sage, Magi, Shaman, Mystic, Wizard. There is no Master on this planet who didn’t begin as what is now often distastefully (which is just programmed ignorance) referred to as a magician. Because global society has been programmed to find these ideas distasteful, disturbing or whatever, especially in the West, not many Masters anywhere would openly admit to you they had their origins as a fledgling magician. But if you find such connotations to be scary, repulsive or otherwise contrary to your programming, why don’t you just use the word practitioner (keep reading – you’ll find the hope and redemption soon enough). Because we know how this disclosure will sit with some people, we’ll point out right now that this is not what our system is about. It’s really way more advanced, and very little of those basically antiquated elements are being used, and it’s by far and away more quick and efficient, mainly because of how advanced you are.

It’s also well worth pointing out that because we ourselves are never not manipulating energy, not even for one second, we’re in effect sorcerers in this very moment, unconsciously qualifying the energy that is, for example, this very document. Becoming aware of that fact is the first step towards Mastery.

So, for illustration, Jesus was a sorcerer, and this is just a fact. His wife, Mariam the Magdala, from whom he learned the sex magick branch of High Magick, was a sorceress. St. Germain was a sorcerer. Albertus Magnus, St. Francis of Assissi, Roger Bacon and his own genetic and reincarnational descendant, Francis Bacon, were sorcerers. Hildegard von Bingen was a sorceress. John Dee was a sorcerer. Edward de Vere, aka William Shakespeare, was a sorcerer. The inner circle of Knights Templars were sorcerers. Isis was an incredibly high level sorceress. The pharaohs were sorcerers along with their top religious elders.

What every single one of these had in common was that they were either specialists in alchemy themselves, or were users of their orders’ alchemists’ productions. Indeed, alchemy is at the very hub of all of these traditions, branches, schools, societies, and so on, because it has always been used to a) purify people of their sub-surface densities and programming, and b) as now purified entities, give them access to higher worlds, knowledge and the scope of awareness needed to comprehend what it is they’re perceiving. Alchemy is a potent and perfectly acceptable shortcut.

So, whether you like to know or believe this or not, the world has always been run by occultists working within either side of the light:dark equation, or upon attaining an even higher level of Mastery, the middle of the two sides. For this reason, it’s worth mentioning that the handful of people who manipulate and guide world affairs even to this day are high level and accomplished Magi on both sides of the light:dark equation, and we are here walking the path between them.

So for your own reference in this modern milieu the way things are being done now is the same as they have always been done. Because as the so-called Age of Reason (an oxymoron if there ever was one) and the scientific method came along the old sciences, today reviled as magic, sought refuge in secrecy, but in secrecy even more power was found, and so all of the pre-Christian knowledge and practices never disappeared, they just went into hiding and are still used to this day. As you might well know, the Nazis themselves used very powerful occult knowledge and practice to conjure the beings who taught them how to build the very advanced stuff they did, and Washington, DC, is itself an enormous collection of occult symbols that are the constituent pieces of a larger occult symbol. More on the surface of things, there are several Masters you could watch on TV.

All of this involves, of course, initiations. It has always been this way. It has to be. It’s a universal equation. It’s important to know that although initiations can be carried out by people on this plane, and whatever the ritualistic elements might be, a truer initiation is taking place on other, more potent and primary, levels of mind. So in that sense, we can share with you a little known fact among the uninitiated. All secret organizations do indeed have a physical inner circle of people in this 3rd density plane, an uppermost tier in their often far-flung operations and networks. But the true inner circle of those organizations are people not in bodies, who operate on higher planes, and who implement what is needed through the inner circle of people on Earth. The physical innermost circles are perfectly aware of this fact, and so are we, as our non-physical inner circle is a loose council of people from all over Creation helping us with our plans, implementations and objectives, and some of whom include higher level versions of us.

Our initiations are ultimately carried out by upper-planes (or outer spheres) people who have fantastic expertise with respect to the esoterica of the Sun, as an example, and so in that respect it is definitely them you want involved in the various initiations with us as merely facilitators. Make no mistake, however, the reason we, in bodies, are needed is because absolutely critical elements of the entire equation are carbon 12 entities, again us, working in Earth’s gravity and electromagnetic spectral range. We are in effect critical for implementation of anything that has to happen within this density.

So knowing that life itself is an almost daily initiation, it has to be acknowledged that initiations are part and parcel what this is all about. In that regard, the ABS is one major initiation, and graduating that system essentially gets you an automatic invitation into the inner circle of The Superbeings. Of course, you’re perfectly free to decline and take your new skill and go do whatever you want with it, but obviously we’d prefer you stick with The Plan.

While this might all seem secretive and exclusive and cloak and dagger and all that, it’s really not. We have an inner circle for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we can’t openly discuss Adept Level ABS stuff without spoiling to some extent or other the aspiring student’s direct experience of the system itself, and so all those discussions, discoveries, reports of visits, and so on, have to be carried out behind the scenes. Secondly, we have to establish a well-designed system for massive growth. In that sense, we have to personally know everyone, like family, if it’s ultimately our responsibility that they are consciously visiting another world using our system, making us doubly responsible for enabling your visit. 

[UPDATE TO THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH: We have since begun openly posting our sessions of visits to Xupra, as "management upstairs" deemed it time to begin firing into all members who are attracted to the information the codes, frequencies and knowledge from that 5th density plane.]

To give you just another example of how open all this really is, we have already disclosed many things that have been historically kept secret and private to the elite in the various inner circles. A great Master was once asked, “Why is it necessary to keep all these things secret?” And he answered, “They’re not secret anymore. Just Google ‘sacred geometry’ and you’ll see the disclosure of many of the great secrets.”

So, it’s all as much as possible pretty straightforward, but it’s handy for you to understand the relationships. If you could be a fly on the wall and overhear one of our communications you might hear something like this: “Jason, your job is to learn enough of how things work to retrieve the blueprints for and to construct the 3rd density apparatus and systems necessary to get people clear, cleansed, ready for anything, and serious enough to take part in what we’re doing with all their forward thinking, motion and intent. And then with your portal and protocols, set them on these higher access paths with more than just essential preparation. Beyond that, trust us, we’re already taking care of the rest. Believe us when we tell you, our side of it is radically more complex and involves more people than you will ever be able to gather together in your operational density.”

Then they’ll give me a figurative pat on the ass, and say, “Good job, but you know, sometimes we wish you weren’t so damned dense.” And then away from the microphone, you might overhear, “Who recruited this buffoon anyway?”

So, we’re taking care of things on this side: they’re taking care of things on that side, and through this zeropoint flows the potential of all the knowledge and abilities they possess, which can be downloaded for the asking and for those who are ready, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right?

To properly organize, we have to establish enough of the operational elements going forward to allow for what might become meteoric growth. We have to replicate ourselves, mainly our practical functions, such as ABS mentoring, casting PRISMs, alchemical guidance, and the like, through the students coming up right now through the ranks. That way, when there are, say, 100 legitimate ABS practitioners helping with mentoring, 2,500 students can therefore expect expert training from advisers who are helping them to matriculate through the process.

The first among new ABS graduates are potential mentors, and as potential mentors (or other functionaries), we have to know you personally and pretty well, and leave it up to you to know those whom you’re mentoring and bringing up through the ranks, and those you’re helping will have to know, and know quite well, those they are mentoring. It is that important that our network be that tight, well organized and redundant. The long and short of it is that we want everyone to be in the inner circle, because the more graduates there are from ABS helping to strengthen, expand and stabilize the bridge between the two dreams, the faster the next continuum comes into being. It’s our highest priority, of course.




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