Wormhole 3


For the attention challenged this document has been divided into two 9243051673?profile=originalmanageable chunks! (grin)

In these we’ll talk about how Masters do what they do, describing with as much accuracy as this language provides for the mechanics of it. Given the mechanics, you are then equipped with a type of scientific understanding of what’s going on. But it’s important to remember that the mechanics they are using are easy for them, but not necessarily for us. The reason it is easy for them is because they have put years, even decades, even lifetimes, into their practice, making what they do be second nature.

All you have to do to understand how it becomes easy for someone is to look at a professional golfer. That is a man or woman who has spent four to seven hours a day for a decade to perfect the skill and make their swing be a thing of natural and second nature beauty. And the truth is, they can always perfect their skill, which means that when they’re not playing in tournaments, they’re still at the course practicing for hours a day.

Please don’t think we intend to put your nose to the grindstone for a third of every day for the next decade, because the truth of the matter is mastery of spacetime is actually far simpler than mastery of golf. It really is, especially when you just let it be so. Additionally, our system is so much easier than that. Your dedication, your discipline, is completely up to you, and if you apply yourself to it you’ll find yourself learning at an incredible pace, and changing just as quickly.

Finally, we also give scenarios which attempt to illustrate why things might not work for the average person the way they do for a so-called Master, despite the practice and measurable accomplishment.

Which is an excellent place to start, meaning with the word “Master.” They would be the first to tell you that “Master” is an exaggerated, overstated, moniker because in their minds all they’re doing is using a different mode of perception to interact with a reality they are perfectly aware they themselves are creating through the manipulation of energy, which as stated is something no sentient entity anywhere ever stops doing anyway. Again, this is true for you. You are never not creating the reality with which you are interacting, but your interactions happen to have programmed limitations – which you’ve agreed to adhere to – regarding just exactly what can be done with the features of your own projections.

The reason we can’t move a heavy stone is because to us it is a heavy stone. To them it is nothing but energy that only appears to be a heavy stone, with no weight at all. This also means that gravity itself, also a feature of conscious level programming, may not even factor into their perceptions. You have the option of modifying your perceptions to interact with the same stone in that same way, and all it takes is practice and self-control to earn a download of the abilities from a higher-level “teacher.” Or more accurately put, to earn a download of the keycodes which unlock the memories of the abilities we already possess.

So let’s put here something that might come from one of their mouths to put this all in a nutshell:

“We don’t have the answers. There are in fact no answers. There really are only questions, because they are what generate the necessary experiences to set the questions aside. These ever-expanding experiences are limited only by what you are willing to accept. All we want to do is continue to push the boundaries of acceptance, which is the same thing as pushing the boundaries of awareness. We don’t know any more about the deepest mysteries of this fantastic maze than you do, or even your average house-pet, or flower. We’re not saying we're masters of spacetime. That’s what you’re saying. We're just the latest iteration of people putting into use a different conceptual framework for interacting with nothingness. That interaction is constant creation. Our system, in development for thousands of years, has one main advantage over the constant creation practiced every moment by you: it's more efficient, and that efficiency equates to a more fulfilling and creative life, in full acceptance that it isn't really happening. Because it’s not. This latter understanding is critical in being able to create directly from nothingness in the blink of an eye.”

This concept of interacting with nothingness is a critical one, and it goes something like this: “Nothing exists beyond the nonexistent eyes.” What this is saying is that even though you think you are in a world, you’re not. What you are in is an endlessness of nothingness, and you are the one who desires to walk a path, and with that desire a planet appears beneath your feet and gives you the illusion of walking upon it. The path only continues to appear because you have extended your leg for another step. The only way to walk is with a body, which must also have senses to use to organize the information into the forms you are in the process of co-creating. Oh look! A bird! And now you have created a bird with which to interact, more fully drawing from the stuff of nothingness and organizing it into an agreed upon definition within a sea of agreed upon definitions all created from digital nothingness, or dream pixels. And now some trees and grass materialize from nothingness, and your interaction with them, your observation, is the act of co-creating them.

What you retrieve you simultaneously invent, and what you invent you simultaneously retrieve. Observation and/or interaction are precisely what creating is.

So, imagine that you have just become self-aware, like coming to from being unconscious, and you have total amnesia as to what you are or where you came from. Imagine you just woke up on a treadmill wearing goggles which give truly lifelike moving 3D images. On your hands are gloves which are wirelessly connected to a computer to modify the scene in your goggles when you move your hands, or touch things. Let’s say in the goggles it’s a tree, and the system is so sophisticated that the gloves press on your fingertips while the goggles send through your visual cortex information which changes the signals sent to your fingertips in order to define this thing being touched as a tree. Your fingers are touching something which appears to be solid, but it’s your brain that turns the raw data into bark and embeds within the sensical range of your fingertips the definition.  

Meanwhile, you walk, but you don’t actually go anywhere, unaware that you’re on a treadmill. But as you do, the treadmill sends information to the computer to produce a continuously rolling scene that is in all-encompassing motion, convincing you that you are moving through something, when in fact you’re not moving at all, but are instead experiencing integrative motion with the apparent all-encompassing motion of the scene itself. In other words, you and the scene are moving complementarily with each other, but you are the mental cause of all the motion. In the suggested reading is Zeno’s Paradox. He’s the ancient Greek philosopher who with his thought experiments proved unequivocally that neither space as distance, nor time, are even possible, much less real. With that in mind, you can’t actually move through something. It can only reconfigure itself, meaning everything, through successive frames, serving up the illusion of motion.

This is actually what’s going on in your dreams, and the reason this is so is because there is no intrinsic programming on the 4th and 5th density levels to perceive distance, and therefore no motion through something. The reason you can fly in your dreams is because you are naturally aware of the fact that your thoughts are reconfiguring all of the stuff of nothingness to simulate flight, when in fact what has happened is you have remained stationary while the ground has lowered itself from beneath your fictitious feet, and the sky and clouds have lowered themselves closer to your sensing mechanisms, all to simulate flight.

It is when you open and allow yourself to become a bridge between a 4th or 5th density “realm” that you bring into 3rd density the truth that there is actually no distance even here and that you’re simply changing the mentally generated and interacted with scene with your own willful visualization, in what is truly a closed-loop and self-referential scene, both produced by, and interacted with, you. This is exactly why our thoughts are everything in this, and why getting pure and clear and in tight self-control means everything, because that essentially keeps us from damaging this mentally produced world that we are sharing with other entities perceiving it in various ways quite similar to the way we are.

Someone in the same room with you is watching you walk in place on a treadmill, reaching your arms forward, extending your fingers, obviously convinced that you’re touching things that aren’t actually there. This is the truth of all realities, and those that have transcended the limitations of any given mental scene, such as Earth, have done nothing other than see through it, to know it for what it is, in order to know that they have but to mentally change the mentally generated scene. This is what has always been called enlightenment, and it’s easier than we might think to get there. We just have to let everything, including ourselves, go. The only thing which keeps us from being able to do these miraculous things instantly is the self-imposed limitations we place upon what can be done with this mentally organized nothingness.

All what we call Masters have done is to free themselves of those conceptual limitations, so that their thoughts become objectified instantly within this mentally organized nothingness. From another angle, they haven’t so much freed themselves of the conceptual limitations as much as they have opened themselves to perceiving much more of what is there, underlying and behind it all, thus transcending the limitations of the senses themselves. From another angle, they have expanded their minds into a greater range of reality within which this one is nested, and from within that causal perceptual framework there are fewer limitations. There are, however, partitions between these levels of mind (realities), and each has rules. To break those rules, we have to be able to perceive and understand and fully accept our responsibilities in both.

We’d better further qualify what all was just said with the fact that the machine level programming of this 3rd density does not allow for instant materialization and other such abilities. That’s not how this place was built. It was built to temporarily host some evolutioners who stopped in for their 3rd density stint, and are now moving on. With their moving on, the rules are being changed. But right now, the only way it is possible to do these things is to use an electromagnetic field to create a “local moment” in which a higher level programming temporarily supersedes, or in effect overrides, Earth’s limitations. And so a so-called miracle is actually a brief glimpse into an alternate reality, even though it will seem to the person watching it take place that it is this one. Masters are these fields. See? And that is one of the higher level functions of the alchemy. Once adjusted by it and well into using it, we’re producing those fields. Now it’s a matter of learning how to use them. This is how the highest level Mastery training has always worked.

Part of the way Masters have accomplished this was to become masters of their own thoughts, emotions and any other expressions that have impact on this mentally organized nothingness. Once having become Masters of themselves, where personal responsibility is itself completely integrated with the individual, they are now ready for greater responsibility. They now have a different vibe, a different spectral range of colors and frequencies that are easy to recognize by an upper level teacher, or even monitor might be a more accurate term. The monitor assesses the various energies, initiations, and second-to-second output of this developing individual, and decides to download into them essentially the permission to make changes to this mentally organized nothingness because they are simultaneously ready for, and able to accept, the responsibility brought about by initiating these changes.

If they were not in complete control, then any thought they might have would become manifest. This is why the mental space for instant manifestation – again mentally changing the mental world by thought – is not maintained at all times, but is instead learned as a skill to enter quickly and on demand, which is much like saying going from a beta brainwave state to a delta brainwave state on demand, and to do that requires practice.

So, to put it in a nutshell, you can do this. You can close your eyes and visualize the room you’re in, but now add an apple floating in front of your face. Now let’s say you open them and the apple is still there, but is semi-transparent. Let’s say that a person is in the room with you. Because you have imagined this apple with your small conscious mind, your friend can’t see it. But if you are doing the visualization from within your 4th or 5th density awareness, then your friend, or anybody else, could now see it because you have created it within the outer level, or sphere of perception, where causality of shared perception takes place. It’s like saying that when you raise your awareness into your own 4th or 5th density mind and visualize an apple there, you are making your own hallucination everybody else’s hallucination, and when you are configuring a world from the stuff of nothingness, it is all an hallucination, and that is very important to accept and understand.

To make these recognitions, by the way, is one of the primary functions of the ABS. And the plain fact of the matter is, is that we’re going to have to accept what is being said here as universally true before we can even start along this path. And, elegantly, this reduces all of this down to a simple equation. Do you want to perceive the world in this way? If so, are you sure? If not, then it’s time to stop reading, because beyond this point is in fact the point of no return.

So let’s give an example of second awareness. Let’s say that you have become aware that there is a world outside the one you are perceiving with the treadmill, gloves and goggles. Let’s say that you have seen a tree that looks pleasant to sit under, so you walk over, slow your pace with the treadmill responding to that pace, and then sit on the “ground.” Of course, there is the need for sensory data being processed that instantly returns to your perception soft grass and shade made by the tree (which is pretty tricky programming to get right, since a sun passing overhead also has the shade in constant motion). Now let’s say you close your eyes and allow your mind to sink into a deep meditative state. As you do, the images on the screens in the goggles begin to fade and other images begin to clarify themselves, as though you’re waking up in a different reality than the one you were just perceiving.

What you have done is to change the frequency of your brain to begin perceiving within a different mental level that is already there (like dreams), also being produced by you operating simultaneously within that other mental level. Please understand that you are right this second operating in truly a countless number of differing mental frequencies, and that if it served any good and productive service for The Plan, you could easily access those dreams as well. Since we’re to remain faithfully on task, however, we have placed upon ourselves impenetrable veils in order to keep our focus where it should be, and that’s upon The Superbeings objective of merging two different already well established dreams.

Now in your mind’s eye let’s say you are beginning to resolve (rez is a term you’ll be seeing more of with us) visually an image that once fully clear is an image of you sitting on the treadmill, seeing that a friend of yours is sitting on a sofa laughing hysterically at this technologically induced hypnotic act you’ve been entertaining her with. In that moment, you are in recognition that since your eyes are closed behind those goggles, this new scene is also mentally generated and simultaneously perceived. But you realize that you are no longer perceiving the scene, at all, behind those goggles, because that you is awaygone. This gives you get an idea. You think it would be fun. So you mentally produce a disembodied arm over there, extend one of its fingers, and poke yourself in the ribs. The you sitting on the treadmill, now startled back to “reality,” says, “Friggin’ OUCH, man!” and twists its body sideways in response to the poke.

Behind the goggles, sitting there on the treadmill, because this is an apparently random event that you only believe you didn’t choose, the you behind the goggles looks up to see that it has been poked by the antlers of a demonic stag, which is all your own deep psyche has done with the raw data of being poked in the ribs. Like most people, you could choose fear in this situation, OR you could just chalk it up to your larger self having a little fun at your expense, take it in stride, chalk it up to experience, record, catalog and index the learning, say “I see you puppet-master,” and get on with your day.

The you who produced the arm and consequent poking finger is second awareness, and it’s really accurate to say that it is a less perceptually limited you, or larger you, who thought it would be fun to poke the more perceptually limited you, or smaller you, just to see what it would do with the circumstances, the situation, to see if it could learn anything.

It’s all you, OK? So that’s what we have to accept right out of the gate. With certain techniques and disciplined practice, we can enter into second awareness. We can’t get there without firm and comprehensive self-control. The reason for that is because there is great responsibility involved in manifesting that arm. But as you can see, it is from second (and really third) awareness that something must be visualized in order to instantly objectify it in treadmill you’s “reality.” Now, too, you must be able to connect the dots as to why there are no victims. It’s ultimately never not you doing the poking.

It takes practice to perceive in this way, tons of practice. That is, unless you utilize the ABS for the practicing. The beauty of the ABS is that it isn’t actually necessary to turn off one level of consciousness to give way to another level of consciousness, as was done in the above example where our character’s consciousness had to disappear in order to become aware in the mind of his higher self. This is in fact the true power of the system, because you are being trained to perceive in both simultaneously, and that is the bottom-line necessity for the highest priority objective of The Superbeings: to merge two different dreams. Is it starting to make some serious sense?

What should by now be eminently clear is that anybody can manifest anything they want anytime they want, again so long as it doesn’t interfere with their own growth or with the processes of The Plan (which is The Superbeings’ plan), and it’s very useful to acknowledge that our own growth may be precisely integrated with the forward motion of The Plan. A very powerful manifestation technique has already been given elsewhere on this site. If you want to know what it is, it’s up to you to find it – it’s in plain sight, or maybe we’ll just give it somewhere in the training documents.

Pretty much everything that most people would want to manifest would interfere with both their own growth, and therefore The Plan. We’ll get to this part of it sometime later. Let’s just say that you set out to manifest a job that was less mentally demanding so that you could apply more of your energy to this work. It took a month to materialize. Why is that? It’s a good question.

Since we “live” (a pretty flimsy reference) in a sea of information configured from nothingness, in order to accommodate the materialization of your new job, adjustments had to be made in the entire configuration through a dizzying number of domino-like chain reactions for the opportunity to materialize and present itself. Those chains of events had varying degrees of effects on everything, and had to be orchestrated to accommodate the need for harmonious actions:reactions in every turn of the cog, on every level of being. Every single one of these operations were carried out by people who exist on mental frequencies where causal adjustments are made. To go from point A to point B, from desire to manifestation, the chain reactions all had to be carried out in what we perceive to be time.

Manifestation does not happen in a mindless vacuum. Everything involved in a given manifestation is carried out by people, which should be an indication that whatever you get is actually a gift, because it takes more than you know, or are probably willing to accept, to modify an entire continuum to give you what you want. This is extremely important to understand, because then we understand that instant manifestation is essentially placing your perception on the frequencies those people operate on. Make sense?

So maybe a big question is whether or not you should really care whether the materialization of a given thing happens now or a month from now.

So let’s give some scenarios that illustrate a few things that might answer some of your questions and give you some clarity about the mechanics of what they’re doing.

Let’s say there’s a woman who is fantastic at visualization through years and years of practice. She’s perfectly aware of the fact that if she can close her eyes and easily see the room she’s sitting in, with such clarity it’s as though her eyes are open, that all she should need to do is add to that visualization a chunk of gold and all her financial problems would be solved. On paper, she’s right, because that visualization was done in a more mental subdivision of the multiple layers of reality. She thinks this way because she has not yet surrendered to the Will of the All and accepted that her financial problems are generated by her to assist in her deeper level understanding, much of it on levels of consciousness layered around this totally fake one. When it doesn’t happen, she shouts an expletive, shoots to her feet, and storms out of the room, having “failed” yet again. The only failure here is that she has blocked out the larger lesson, but the action itself is a success because the “system” didn’t give her what she least needs, even though she had managed to achieve second awareness.

Break it down further, beyond the financial part of the lesson. Swearing, especially in anger, is an irresponsible act, as the emotional discharge further invests the collectively recognized symbol of the word with damaging power that pulses through the entire energetic system of this mental plane. She has not yet accepted responsibility for the damage she’s doing. And the truth is that pretty much everybody has those densities, those sludge-like pockets which are in fact entities, or thought-forms, hung up all over in and on their subtle selves. Included in our Mastery System is an energetic device that will clear you of that stuff. If you don’t think you need it, you’re wrong, and you therefore have just been informed of yet one more thing to accept. Even if you’ve never sworn even once in your entire life, and we all know you have, you still have everyone else’s cusswords hung up in your system of being.

Moving along.

Let’s say you’re walking along in a Northern Mexico desert with one of the many “Dons” you can find there (but who in fact would be finding you). He’s teaching you something about perception. It’s night. Ahead, there is something large on the ground that as you get closer you begin to see is a large and vicious snake. You’re fearful and startled. Then, in the midst of this lesson on perception, the “Don” says “look again.” You blink, and now you see that it is an old twisted cedar branch. What’s happened here?

The “Don” visualized the snake on a 4th density dream level and shared with your perception that image. In this case, he didn’t actually open an event here to let the dream bleed through. He just put the image in your head. And the truth is, it’s entirely possible that the old cedar log is in fact a snake on that level of mind, in that dream, and all he did was use his acquired mental skills, gained through practice, to pulse it into your head, if even just for a moment, to cause the mental artifact to be a cedar log snake.

So let’s talk a bit about that practice. If you were being schooled in the Toltec/Olmec/Mayan system of dream magick, which also heavily features sexual energy magick, one of the first practices you’d be exposed to is to willfully increase the lucidity of your dreaming. In doing that, the intent would be to awaken in your dreams on a nightly basis and through that learn to navigate and control them. You would be encouraged to locate something in the dream, such as an easily remembered stone, and then, being mindful of the bridge between the two dreams, this one, the one experienced while awake, and that one, the one experienced while asleep.

The next step in that training is to begin looking for that same stone in the so-called “real world.” Once you find it, you’ve created a bridge and been part of the manifestation of a stone in this world. We make that distinction because it’s time to introduce you to another idea before we continue breaking down how this scenario we’re in the middle of unfolded.

There is “imagination,” which is something you know well and we all have, and there is True Imagination, which is an imagination within which we all perceive as sort of “sub-imaginers” within a larger, truer, imagination. In other words, this very world and everything that can be perceived from it (such as 100,000 galaxies using Hubble) is held within the imagination of a more encompassing mind. The words “True Imagination” were often used by the European secret societies from Medieval to even modern times in reference to their meditative practices and, in fact, magical practices. So, in reference to the stone being bridged between two dreams, the stone you found while lucid dreaming was co-created by you and True Imagination. The next step is for you to create the stone in the lucid dream without having to go look for it in the lucid dream. This is very advanced stuff and we don’t want to go too much into it. That’s up to you to explore, if you want, and the suggested reading will help with that. But when you do that, and put it somewhere very deliberately, a location that is very like it might be in this dream, and then go look for it there, and find it, you have successfully created something from “nothing,” as it were.

If you were to ask a reluctant Master (reluctant because they don’t relate to the nickname) how you create something from nothing, they might answer with, “Hasn’t everything been created from nothing? And therefore, is your question really ‘How is it done instantly?’”

That really is the question, because the processes of manifestation remain the same. It’s only the duration of time between cause and materialized event that is optional.

So let’s close that gap with our “Don” and his student. While he and student are walking along, the dream with which the Don is working is one he perceives all the time, if he wants, while simultaneously perceiving this dream, the so-called real world. To his perception, there is no difference between the two in terms of how real or valid they are, and they are often merged. This is a reality he spends a lot of time in, it’s second nature to him, and he can create a bridge instantly and at will, manifesting anything needed in any given moment, provided True Imagination is on board with it. If his knowledge is deep and broad enough, he can create a rainbow bridge to a co-created (with his imagination using the stuff of True Imagination) reality and he can walk right out of this reality, across his own bridge, into that reality, literally disappearing from our senses.

There are literally thousands of shaman in Central and South America who have this ability, which also enables them to disappear from one spot and reappear in another, or for that matter travel a thousand miles through ten feet of snow, because the snow to him is just dream stuff because he’s bridged the dream snow into the real world. For many of them, this world has become the dream, completely, and thus no need to continue with the bridging. That’s an important point in all this, and one you should deeply contemplate. When someone has reached that level, they are likely not even visible on this 3D plane. That’s why legendary places like Shangri-La and Shambhala remain mythical, because they can’t be seen. They’re most certainly there, though, and all we have to do is get into a different level of awareness to walk right into them.

This is very like what we’ll be doing with everything we learn with, and even beyond the scope of, the ABS and everything else we’re going to be shown as it relates to The Plan.

Moving along.

The famous Comte de St. Germain left a famous stamp upon a dinner banquet given by a European Monarch. I’m hazy on the details because it’s been at least fifteen years since I’ve read the account. According to various accounts, he performed miracles for monarchs and nobles all over Europe, and so this had become part of his schtick. At this banquet, apparently he asked that the table of maybe 40 people be cleared and everybody leave the room. A short time later, with his usual flamboyant flourish, he threw open the doors and invited everybody back in.

Inside the room was a forest complete with living deer for the guests to ooo and ahhhh at. Since any manner of trickery could have been employed, his feats were often dismissed as fakir-like stage sorcery, and there were many, and still are, of that level of the various magical arts, which of course includes sleight-of-hand. Otherwise, the stories would have been far more famous, and are of course dismissed by professional skeptics to this day.

Let’s break it down. He used a piece of an antler, a live shaving from a tree, and a leaf to mentally “replicate” from the stuff of True Imagination this forest with live deer, fractally building upon these samples of raw material he had at his disposal. St. Germain, who may have been Francis Bacon (I’ve never been fully convinced of it), was a prominent member of Europe’s secret societies and was an accomplished alchemist. Through practices shared among these secret colleges, he was exceedingly familiar with True Imagination and could phase his awareness into the frequency his True Self perceives within. He then used the atomic structure of the antler, bark and leaf to replicate, almost like making fractal copies of DNA, and simply “built” the scene.

Even though Franz Mesmer is thought to be the father of hypnosis in the 1800s, that art, especially when done instantly, has been around forever. It would be easy to assume that St. Germain was such an accomplished hypnotist and knew how to do that to groups, as stage hypnotists are able to these days with very little effort. But the truth is that even if it were hypnosis, the longer the scene was perceived, the more solidified it would become in this realty, asserting little distinction between hypnotically perceived manifestations and real manifestations. It’s also probable he didn’t require the “sample” or “witness” raw materials, but included them to make the manifestation more acceptable in scientific terms.

In any case, after everybody got to muse about in this micro-forest, St. Germain then dismissed them all and dematerialized the entire scene. We’ve asked St. Germain about that trick, and all he really said was, “Yes, I did that. It was fun, as it always is, and anybody can do it given the proper techniques and practices.” The practices to which he refers, the main ones, involve opening the chakras from the heart to the crown. We give some good ones in our little and informal Mastery System.

Moving along.

In Hawai’i a man surfing takes a terrible spill and winds up fracturing his shoulder blade on coral, tearing open the skin. He’s barely able to get to the beach. He happens to be surfing in a remote area, so almost nobody is around, and on another island is a high level Huna practicing shamaness who’s making a ham and cheese sandwich and spiked coffee for lunch. Because her higher centers are so developed, her True Mind/Self gives her the picture of the man about to die on the other island’s beach.

She grabs her ready-prepared bag of magical implements and hurries out the door. It takes her all of 5 seconds to walk across her self-made bridge from this reality, into a nonspatial reality, then back into this reality 25 feet from the now unconscious man. In doing this, she has covered ten miles in a few seconds. The first thing she does is to determine whether or not her ministrations would interfere with his growth. In other words, she must ascertain whether or not his passing from this realm, or what the terminally blind refer to as “death,” is precisely what his plan is.

When she finds out that her ministrations are to be enfolded into his experience, she gets to work. So far, we have to visit other as yet unconsidered elements. If this is an experience that is to be enfolded into his own experience, then clearly the ocean, the coral, the conditions, and even his (traitorous!) surf board are all in on this deliberately created experience, all being orchestrated by his True Self (or the mind that created our famous arm and poking finger above). The Huna lady is in contact with his True Self, and has already seen how this is to all unfold. She therefore opens herself to the will of True Self, which we basically all share, and allows the flow of energy to realize into being the carrying out of a plan.

She visualizes the bone healing itself, staying in knowing contact with Aumakua (we’ll get to this in a minute), knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that Aumakua possesses the knowledge and skill to perform this healing. She’s perfectly aware of the fact that Aumakua has merged with her, because it was she herself who opened to the merger, and this has been her practice and increasing knowledge since her aunt had started her on this path 45 years ago.

Her visualization is the visualization of Aumakua, and now that the bone has healed she begins waving her hands and ti leaves over the skin, singing a chant that through its specialized tones keeps the channel open with Aumakua. Soon the skin is closed and the entire wound completely healed. It took four minutes, and in that space of time two worlds were merged in a small area, with our shamaness using chanting tones to open the conduit. The man is coming around. Understanding the plan, she allows an amnesia program to flow through her which then renders him unconscious. In fact, this entire operation was her allowing True Self, or Aumakua, to do the work through her, which is all a Master ever does. Standing, she shouts down the beach that a man needs help, and she walks to the treeline, and simply “translocates” through the dream level back to her place to have her ham and cheese sandwich and to get a nice afternoon whiskey buzz from her coffee.

Aumakua’s plan is pretty straightforward. Let’s explain a little about that. In Huna psychology, which is actually a more accurate term than “magic,” we have within us a sub-being that Freud wound up calling the subconscious, or id. This is a being that has been discussed elsewhere on The Superbeings. It is discrete, sovereign, shares your body with you, and thus your senses, is quite limited in its reasoning capacity, but has one helluva memory. In fact held by it are all your memories in the present embodiment. All of your guilts and shames, and so on, are stubbornly held by this entity, and it is very difficult, sometimes anyway, to get it to let them go. In the Huna system, this guy is called unipihili. As you may have already discovered in the Tales of Mastery, working with the unipihili is a low level psychological method of healing, or what sleeping Westerners would call miracle level healing or magic, but to them, and to me, is really quite routine.

Then there’s you, the conscious you. It’s your job to reason, and to use unipihili as a hard-drive, as it were. Whatever beliefs you yourself have been programmed by, the unipihili now also believes. But just because you have transcended those beliefs doesn’t mean the unipihili living within has. In fact, there is very little chance that it has unless you have done specific work to get it free of those beliefs, which it’s going to doggedly hang onto. One of the reasons it doggedly hangs onto stuff is that it’s just not very smart, and therefore is difficult to reason with using even simple words. Its communication is like that of animals and elementals, and prefers ideas in the form of pictures and direct physical contact to flow simplified conceptual energy “packets.” Once again, the alchemy offered here does all this clearing work automatically unless the freeing of unipihili of those beliefs would interfere with your own processes.

Then there’s Aumakua, to them a somewhat theoretical entity that shares knowledge and properties with their concepts of a collective, and possibly deified, ancestor. The word itself means something like “elder, parental, totally trustworthy spirit.” These understandings and meanings have remained uncorrupted for probably six or seven thousand years, and thus they might seem unsophisticated by today’s definitions, but that’s all the difference is, the definitions. In other words, Aumakua is in fact the True Self, is such a beautiful word when spoken, and is used for the purpose of conjuration.

Which brings us to something very important to understand, which will help in the continued dissolution of your ego. And that is that True Self is individual to each of us, because it’s not. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if everybody whose plan it is to engage with The Superbeings to bridge the two dreams all emanate from the same True Self, or Aumakua. It also wouldn’t surprise me if there are three total True Selves involved in this, and that we all emanate from one of those three. It also wouldn’t surprise me if those three have a common Truer Self, and which is the organizing intelligence of this entire operation, because we do know that some of these alchemies emanate from levels higher than even those conceptual entities. We were told one of our alchemies comes from a level higher than Archangels.

So, the long and short of it is that you don’t have an individual soul, but a portion of intelligent energetic essence from a common source which has been individualized solely through the uniqueness brought to the equation by the embodiment itself. The body you’re presently using is likely to be discarded…well, unless it is Aumakua’s intent to have us walk with it directly out of his dream and into the other, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

So, maybe you’d like to try something. Sit down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and evenly in the oval pattern (see Meditations), and intend as you deepen into a meditative state that you’d like to establish contact with Aumakua. This is pronounced “ah-oo-mah-koo-ah.” As you get into a deeper meditative state, with humility, reverence and a heart-born desire for unity, whisper Aumakua, and then wait with empty and open expectation for impressions, anything at all, including just a feeling. Indeed, the feeling should be the most potent and decipherable mode of communication. The contact can’t help but be made. It’s how well you’re equipped, how open and clear you are, and how acute your higher senses, that determine the clarity and amplitude of the contact.

So anyway, our Huna lady was in total and automatic recognition that she herself was integral with ocean, waves, coral, beach, breeze, swaying trees, surfer/”victim,” Aumakua and its own plan, because to her mode of seeing things there is no distance at all between all those elements and the concept of self, and even more importantly that there is no difference in the actual composition of all those elements. In other words, to her everything is just generic dream pixel stuff arranged into differing phenomena. Being complete in that automatic recognition is what has brought to her the increasing sense of knowing decades before, all brought about by her mental practices.

The surfer is to begin having dreams ten years down the road, and when he’s ready, a friend will be unknowingly directed to send him to her own hypnotist to better understand the dreams. Under hypnosis, he will have full memory of the event, and because of that memory understand how those truly scientific processes work despite the native sounding appellations of the involved entities. Because of this deep inner understanding, he sets out to get a better intellectual grasp of those systems, and becomes a pretty potent healer. He goes back to the island and sits on the beach, keeping his meditative focus on the woman he recalled under hypnosis. Within minutes, she walks up behind him and offers him a soothing and spirited beverage. Together they sip and talk about the stars, and the Earth, and the waves, and the sounds, even the silent ones, and the wind.

And she teaches him how to use the local self to unify those elements in this one magnificent human vessel.

What he learns from her is set down in a book that had always existed on another level of mind, and was orchestrated by Aumakua to bloom into the world and further open readers’ minds to ever greater potentials of possibility. 




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