Paisios Papapavlou posted a status
Jan 17
How is life in America? Do you think it's a worthwhile pursuit to come to America for my medical residency?

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    • Very good points and thank you for taking the time to write these down :D

      I'm honestly used to find things broken down and backwards at this point Hhahahahaha

      I mostly believe that psychiatry is going to be a great fit for my personality and manner of throught, I'm a good med student and I have many options ahead of me. 

      However, psychiatry is the most backwards of all the specialties at the moment, the most contreversial and most hated by the public... 

      I think I could make a contribution there, the trauma I faced while living and the whole recovery period automatically makes me relate to psychiatric patients rather than most common folk. Plus there is the looming spirituality topic within psychiatry that I could help dismantle!

  • if you get invited into high society why not.
  • It's a beautiful country with mostly friendly people. Every state is different. Probably good for medical students, but I don't know much about the bureaucracy in the healthcare system here. It seems complex. Insurance is expensive and larger organizations are taking over everything, like Northwestern Medicine here in IL. It's difficult to find smaller practices, and anything run by Northwestern gives you the typical corporate treatment. What areas of the country are you interested in?

    • The typical scheme of residency allocation does not allow much of a choice, it just flashes you what area of the country you've been matched to for residency and you gotta go.

      I appreciate the information, I'm rather worried about the way the US health system is structured with prior authorizations and the interweaving of insurance companies in everything medical. 

      It is very far from my home country and I feel like spending 6 years in America (that's the average duration of residency training) will make me want to stay indefinately, meaning I would get married and make a family there. I'm unsure as to whether studying my ass off to go to America is worth it

    • Life is wonderful. Now onto the medical question. 

      Doctors are largely being replaced by nurse practitioners but that is more of the body-health-care route. Doctors are also becoming hospitalists because the hospitals pay better and offer better hours. I think this is what Adam is talking about. On the psychiatric side - whoa is everyone ready for someone who can help. America is crazy and getting crazier! This boat is ready to be rocked - I think you would do very well here. 

      America is a land of contrasts, which we've become quite adept at. We like new, shiny things and also old, comfortable things. I think this plays out in what you are concerned about. I never hear any complaints from health care providers about prior authorizations and insurance companies having their hands in everything. Mostly, I hear complaints about government regulations for scheduled substances and CVS which is our Mount Doom of pharmacies. I think everyone just makes it work since they are all in the same boat. Your residency should teach you all the tricks for making it work. Just try to avoid free mental health clinics as they will impose their rules on you, the medical expert, most of which don't make any sense and are probably in place for religious reasons which will not resemble any religions you are familiar with.

      As for the jab, the coronavirus is no longer novel, so I'm not sure if they still push it the same. That is a possibility though. 

    • If there's something for you in the US, you'll find it. You've thought about it anyway. What are your other options?

      I'm sure that the US health system could get worse, but has been a major topic of debate for quite some time. People are tired of the corporate greed and bureaucracy.

      You're not alone in recognizing it's on the wrong track. But, after something has been taken over by a monopoly, how do you undo that? It's a problem with several things here.

      People can find alternatives in the right places.

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