This thread is for all tips on anything that can build wealth in the coming paradigmatic dynamics (you like those fancy words?). I decided to set this forum up because in the digital assets space/s there is a lot going on, and a lot of it is designed to build wealth fast. Add your contributions at will! 

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    Don't care to learn or really have confidence in your trade skillset? Cool, I don't either. But do you want to copy the smart trade moves of expert traders and buy when the call comes and sell when the time comes? Pretty easy to do.

    Insider trading program. There is a way to access isolid nformation for high level successful trades. We joined Steve Turley's sponsored program for this. We paid 2000.00 for this access to lots of info and ongoing classes that are always happening. But right now it's $4000.00

     Basically these guys study and collate information from all the traders that do successful trades and then they figure out what THOSE people are buying in stocks, options etc. And then they tell you a very good stock buy and then ALSO tell you when to sell it. Nothing is 100% risk free but this is pretty close to it and pretty much a mega cheat code to making money in the market by following what the big boys do in the market. You could make money away with this. You need to sign up with a stock trader like Fidelity or Liberty or one of the trade platforms. 


    OR just join the Motley Fool which is far cheaper and also get recommended buys

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    • Actually what these guys do is comb an SEC database looking for company insider purchases. When a given company's principals buy their own stock, they have to report that to the SEC. That database is by law available to the public, but it's deliberately opaque, difficult to navigate, hard to find anything useful, and so these guys do all that legwork.

      Pretty much 100% of the time, insiders are buying shares because they know what's coming and they want to ride the wave. The only substantive stipulation is that those insiders can't buy, ride a short-term wave, and then immediately sell. They have to sit on the shares for six months. That means they know there is a six month wave, at least. 

      Just do a search for "ross givens insider effect" and you might stumble into a deal to sign up and get their buy recommends. 

      It's a straightforward setup, and would be really hard to lose in, their record is impeccable, and they hold positions in every stock they recommend. 

      We realize it's very strange for us to be talking about this stuff, but in our minds it's time to game the system, and right now everything in technology stocks, biotech, and digital assets is sitting on a powder keg. 

      Besides, we want everyone wealthier and with leisure time on their hands so we can all meet in Europe next summer for a gathering at a music festival! 

      • This is so cool...may i ask how much you've made so far with this.  How long have you been doing it?

        • Hi, Amanda. I've been messing around with it for a few weeks and have profited almost $6000. I've just been in a test mode with it, because I can see a potential to easily make $20K to $30K a month once I am tuned into the rhythms of it all. The research these guys do is astounding, though, and so their buy recommends are really just no-brainers. Here's their win/loss record that I myself have tracked. Alphas is just a type of recommend based on a type of research. So is Insiders, which is what my first post refers to. The percentages on the left are straight purchases of stock shares.. The percentages on the right are from purchasing call options, which is what I'm mainly playing with right now. 


          CCJ 15% 100%
          EU 21% // 30%
          DDOG 10% 58%
          DFH 50% 180%
          EXP 17% 328%
          LII 8% 50%
          MHK 15% 100%
          BTBT 10% 80%
          JOBY 14% 120%
          ZIMV 52% 165%
          LII 8% 50%


          SPWH 22% 88%
          BILL 20%
          BHVN 20% 30%
          LFMD 100%
          TBI 17% 100%
          MARA 10% 30% // 20% 57%
          CERE 20% 100% // 50% 500% // 80% 1036%
          SEDG 22% 120%
          B 20% 187%


  • I was about to ask Nate for the Cliff's Notes version. I take it he didn't understand why we're here. I spent a day with a guy kinda like that. Always positive. Good guy.

    • Ask me what you would like to know? I'll see if I can help, or provide some sort of direction.

      Been with this group since arouund 2013-2014 ish . I have an idea of why we're here. What is it that you think we are here for?

      I'm not an active member who posts regularily. I'm a reclusive person for the most part.

      • Not you Nathan. There was someone on here going by the name Nate Dogg who had filled this particular discussion with over two pages of posts. He was trying to get people interested in some crypto currency. It looked like he was soliciting. That guy I spent the day with - we were doing the same and getting kicked out of a lot of places. He seemed to like that kind of a challenge. It reminded me that I haven't been appreciative of people in sales/marketing. I needed to see that.

        However, there must be a reason this caught your eye besides the obvious, "Hey that's my name! What is this guy talking about?"

        What made you think to reply? What's on your mind? I think we are all here for the same reason. We're looking for answers. More importantaly we're looking for the answers we haven't found anywhere else, yet we believe exist out there somewhere. 

        • Michael, Nate Dogg is Nathan, and I asked him to post about that crypto, which I've since decided I'm not interested in. I started that discussion, in fact. 

          • Well, I missed that one completely. Sorry, Nathan. I didn't get a chance to read any of your posts. I was waiting for a breather before I dove in. I went to post the thing about the Cliff's Notes version and refreshed the page only to find it missing. I've just never seen that many deleted.

            I guess my question is now. do you have the brochure version of everything you had posted? I'm already flooded with Trader's Agency literature. Again, sorry I pegged you wrong. I didn't have any reference for what happened, and I needed to sort through my own thing as I already said. Also, thanks for the correction JD. Boy, egg on your own face never gets easy! What I posted was really bugging me and now I know why.

  • Here's a list of gaming tokens i'm currently looking at in the crypto space...

    MYRIA  - Myria - https://myria.com/  &  https://twitter.com/Myria

    PYR - Vulcan Forged - https://vulcanforged.com/

    HBAR - Hedera - hedera.com & https://hedera.com/council

    MC - Merit Circle - https://meritcircle.io/

    SFUND - Seedify - https://seedify.fund/

    ILV - Illuvium - https://illuvium.io/

    NAKA - Nakamoto Games - https://www.nakamoto.games/

    Artificial Intelligence Coins

    MOZ - Mozaic - https://mozaic.finance/

    3 Tokens here - OCEAN - Ocean Protocol, ROSE - Oasis Network, EWT - Energy Webt Token https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVy_Z49AHPI

    RNDR - Render - https://renderfoundation.com/

    0x0 - Ai Smart Contract - https://0x0.ai/

    FET - Fetch AI - https://fetch.ai/

    Meme Coins

    BART  - ReptilianZuckerBidenBartCoin -  https://twitter.com/bartcoin_erc  https://bartcoin.vip/


    If you use Coingecko.com you can search under the "Market" tab to see what exchanges you can purchase any coin mentioned above on. Coingecko is a fantastic resource for finding out all sorts of data regarding a multitude of different crypto projects within the space. You can click on the tabs below and under the Info section Here is an example: 12296609284?profile=RESIZE_930x

     If you click on the blue highlighted trading pair ex. FET/USDT for Binance exchange it will take you directly to Binance spot trading or whichever exchange you choose to click on. 12296609656?profile=RESIZE_930x


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