This thread is for all tips on anything that can build wealth in the coming paradigmatic dynamics (you like those fancy words?). I decided to set this forum up because in the digital assets space/s there is a lot going on, and a lot of it is designed to build wealth fast. Add your contributions at will! 

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  • https://www.matrix.io/



    Matrix AI Network provide unique solutions for Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3, NFT, Industry 4.0, Smart city, DID and many more.
  • I stumbled across a whole world of people providing assistance for those in rough times, and for those who have great ideas and want to get startups happening. 



    • Thanks for posting this. There were a few places he mentioned that I hadn't found before.

      My brain has been on fire, working day and night, architecting and engineering a new project. I've got enough figured out that I can now build a simple teaser page and use that as a link for investors or anyone curious.

      I can't stop working on it, because I'm having so much fun, and it just keeps getter better, but I need to eventually fund it somehow, besides savings.

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      • dont get me wrong i am not liar or betrayer or sg its just like these groups say sall others strats to gain health wealth to get rich and be polite and grateful sii to lose no to gain a little sii

        • sii means yeas by the way thanks waiting for wanswares

  • dont make me we weak abundance potentials jason davis?

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