While the veils were so thin, on October 31 we had a call to open a portal which facilitated access for the Magdalenian Culture of 18,000 years ago, but it seems it stepped up the presences of a host of deities, including Astraea. 48 people showed up to that, and it was ridiculously powerful. This was triggered by this massive feminine presence I've been in contact with for a couple of years, and I didn't know it was Astraea. I do now because of what got pieced together afterwards involving some of the folks that were in on that call.  

The Magdalenian Culture was a matriarchal society, and the priestesses were the keepers of the religious elements for that society. Those women are fantastic. For instance, they never cut their hair, and how it's worn was what determined their station in the prieistesshood. I'll just say here that Mary Magdalene isn't who or what she has been reported to be, and we'll be fleshing that out in this flow. 

We had that call, and we recorded it, but I forgot to start the recording early enough to include all of the discussion about those ladies. It turns out the factor into the broader project BE Social is building. The following is a transcript from a chat that happened after the call. 

How we opened that portal was just us getting together, and this magnficient piece by Dead Can Dance, which we played to open it, and did it ever open right up: 

JD, [1/11/2023 6:27 AM]

We're having a call tonight. I'm about to announce it to our entire list. Molly could probably fix or expand upon what I've just said. Here's the page explaining it.

Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 8:57 AM]

The Lady told Jason that the connection with these ancient yet timeless ones is very important to our mission and is actually another huge element that feeds into our mission. She said that we can walk into a 100% connection with the Magdalenians through our opening up into our plasmic pathways. The Sabdahin that reside within and without us will facilitate this through their songs.


JD, [1/11/2023 12:26 PM]

In the call, Arielle brought up Astraea. This sentence in the Wiki stands out: Astraea's hoped-for return was referred to in a phrase from Virgil's Eclogue 4: "Iam redit et virgo, redeunt Saturnia Regna" (Astraea returns, returns old Saturn's reign)

JAH, [1/11/2023 12:27 PM]


JD, [1/11/2023 12:27 PM]

Rule is out, Baby. Reign is in!


Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 12:28 PM]

Hale yes!!


JD, [1/11/2023 12:28 PM]

As in "sove-reign."

Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 12:30 PM]

I am so honored to be here in this now with you all.


Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 12:30 PM]

When this experience and concept / name first came to me I felt immense love and wept and hugged myself and I kept hearing until the point of speaking it out loud “I am here”   Even saying the name brings on more tingles and tears.

JD, [1/11/2023 12:30 PM]

I don't know...I'm thinking in a lot of ways an aspect of that immense feminine presence is probably Astraea. The game's gatekeepers can't stem that influx.

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 12:30 PM]

And I felt it during Virgo season

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 12:31 PM]

The first time

JD, [1/11/2023 12:31 PM]

It doesn't matter what their plan is. There's only THE plan. But their role calls for continuing the weakening of a house of cards. It's happening. I can feel it.

Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 12:32 PM]



JD, [1/11/2023 12:33 PM]

Well. Hellooo.

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 12:34 PM]

I am not sure if this will make sense but it felt like the presence of a loving mother holding me, then like me holding a daughter I have not yet had, then it felt within me, then it felt like a sister. It was all these different kinds of love for the feminine roles. It was so beautiful and overwhelming

JAH, [1/11/2023 12:36 PM]

The impressions are so beautiful, the sounds are not explainable and the power is majestic ❤️

JD, [1/11/2023 12:41 PM]

Yes. Yes YES!

JD, [1/11/2023 12:42 PM]

Ari, exactly. I was tempted to stop the song, and I got a "Jason Davis, you let the song finish!"

"But ma, it's seven minutes long!"

"Let the song finish!"

JAH, [1/11/2023 12:43 PM]


JD, [1/11/2023 12:45 PM]

I have tried to decode for 25 years what the significance of the Virgo symbol was to alchemists, magi, Kabbalists, the secret white brotherhoods...and all it was, was them forecasting in the true and secret astrology, the return of Astraea. Now I know that, and it leaves me humbled, grateful, ready to serve. My God. What a time.



JD, [1/11/2023 12:52 PM]

I created a kind of crest at least 15 years ago, which included Virgo symbol. It popped into my head today to use as the portal's crest, and I went looking for it on my oldest laptop, but couldn't find it. It also had lions on it.


Jene, [1/11/2023 1:05 PM]

I saw white mist with a woman dressed in a long white dress and she had a sword centered in front of her where she rested her hands on top of the handle.  Very casual yet strong stance.  She was very happy and smiling.  There were others behind her, some male.  She started dancing an old fashioned waltz with one of the men.  The feeling was amazing as they danced.  It felt personal, sensual and intoxicating.  Still does.

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:05 PM]

This Astreae being / concept / energy etc has been a very strong presence with me often since 9/5. I just read back in my notes. There was a lot happening astrologically that week I guess… One of the first overwhelming loving sensory moments I felt was full body but then in my heart and in my womb space and felt like it was to be birthed from me and at first I thought it was a daughter I was to have and name her Astraea. That was an experience to feel. I was in my kitchen and almost fell to the floor weeping. Then it felt like it was something that moved through me using birth as the symbol or concept to travel into the planet to take place. I was trying to get my mind out of the way of all these sensations and visuals. Hard to explain.

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:08 PM]

Everything’s been overwhelming lately and processing a lot and was unable to communicate about this until tonight. Thank you all for receiving it. I’ve had to release trying to understand what anything means.

Thank you everyone for sharing these experiences.

Jene, [1/11/2023 1:09 PM]

I know the astrology is off the charts lately.

Jene, [1/11/2023 1:10 PM]

I've personally been caught up in learning about the sign Virgo.  Hmmmmmm

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:11 PM]

WOW. I’m amazed by this.


JD: What seems to be getting pieced together is something like this. The secret brotherhoods and sisterhoods operating behind the scenes were perfectly familiar with the Magdalenian ladies, somehow or another. The Magdalenians were all daughters of Astraea, so to speak. When the "bad" guys invented Christianity, thus Jesus and Mary M, and used Arceneux, Cleopatra's sister (Mary, correct me on these details), as the model, they more or less tricked the "Matrix boys" into naming Jesus' counterpart the very name of the Daughters of Astraea, the Madgalenians. We've opened a gate to pre-Matrix frequencies, an embeddedness in a much greater purity, and somehow flowed the attributes of Astraea into the global wavelengths.

JD, [1/11/2023 1:14 PM]

So, in Rennes le Chateau, France, where all the story of Holy Blood Holy Grail bloomed from, a priest erected a church to the Magdalene. What nobody knows, is he'd erected in dedication to Astraea. My god.

San Graal = Holy Grail

Sang Raal = Holy Blood


Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:15 PM]

This is fascinating


JD, [1/11/2023 1:16 PM]

This is all getting more and more gigantic right in my face. All the pieces of my  27 year research project are falling into place.


JD, [1/11/2023 1:18 PM]

By the way, in Marseilles, France,they have an annual festival where boats come ashore, and a group of Mary's get out. Mary was a designation, not a name. So you had Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary the Magdalene, Mary Salome, and all of that statuary depicts the Mary principal as dark skinned. They called it the Cult of the Black Virgin.


Jene, [1/11/2023 1:20 PM]

In another group I have been participating in frequency work.  Some of the members have gone on trips they call The Blood Path and have been burying the sword.  I have to go check the archives to see where they went.  All of them have taken place in Europe.


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:21 PM]

There’s also the cave/church in saint Baumé where Mary magdelene was supposed to be buried and in Marseilles a church  plus May Magdalene was said to have landed on france  in saint marie de la mer in the carmargue not far from Marseilles  - I’ve been it’s beautiful energy there, raw and pure


JD, [1/11/2023 1:22 PM]

Kirsten, that's what it was. Check my post just above.


JD, [1/11/2023 1:23 PM]

I have to admit, Europe is calling me hard, like I have to live there.


Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:23 PM]

I have felt drawn to those places in France and would love to go


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:26 PM]

That coast on the south of France around Marseilles is stunning and the energy and light there is pure - that’s why the impressionists painted there Van Gogh especially.


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:30 PM]

Where would you live?


JD, [1/11/2023 1:34 PM]

The Notre Dame Cathedral at Chartres is the most important collection of alchemical symbols and allegory on Earth. It's involved. The Cathars fell to a black crusading pope, 30 years of carnage, and that took place in the same area on Montsegur, I think it was. The Cathars version of Christianity was fascinating, and basically describes what the Matrix is.

According to them, it's Rex Mundi, Hell, and pure spirits enter Hell to become sullied, and to spend all their time and thoughts on purifying themselves to reach the exalted planes. This writing by Plato found currency through all of that: "The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible, but there arriving, she is sure of bliss, and forever dwells in paradise."

The divinatory processes of the Cathars, their sacraments and beliefs, was to reach that phase in their unfolding. At their final knell, men were said to have escaped over the cliffs of Montsegur carrying the greatest treasure the world has ever known, and to this day, nobody knows what it was.

Now my money's on that it had something to do with Astraea and the Magdalenians, some kind of parchment, something that could be so dangerous to the control agenda, they would murder 30,000 men, women and children to get their hands on it.

JD, [1/11/2023 1:34 PM]

Jene, please do get us that information. 

JD, [1/11/2023 1:39 PM]

I imagine that's why it was such a gathering place for "practitioners" on both sides. The thing about France, and I think part of Germany and England, is if you connect some major old churches by lines, it makes a pentagram. France and the Merovingian Kings were pivotal in this ancient conflict.

JD, [1/11/2023 1:41 PM]

All of the mythologies seem to be blossoming into full modern view.


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:41 PM]

Ah so does the church at Roselyn in Scotland have any baring on that pentagram - it has to do with the sang real and the rose line and Magdelene


JD, [1/11/2023 1:42 PM]

Right. It's one of the two or three most important edifices of that network.


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:44 PM]

There’s so much in England - Avalon and Glastonbury tor and the lady of the lake - Excalibur being the divine feminine all of that connected ? I feel like it could be


JD, [1/11/2023 1:46 PM]

It's not just connected, it's it.


JD, [1/11/2023 1:47 PM]

But everywhere in Europe has its own Camelot, so to speak.


JD, [1/11/2023 1:47 PM]

I have this heraldic thing going on HUGELY. Like right now I feel a cape on my shoulders.



Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:48 PM]

And what about the lay lines in these places?

Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 1:49 PM]

And was the treasure actually something material?


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:49 PM]

All those places in England are on major ley lines and all the ley lines are connected!


JD, [1/11/2023 1:50 PM]

They factor importantly in, because of water. I think it had something to do with the Magdalenians. The return of Astraea is the last thing the control agenda wants people being enlivened by.

JD, [1/11/2023 1:50 PM]

Those guys back then, us, were VERY smart, and they knew all of this was about water: Aquarius, but like Molly said on the call, not H2O, but plasma.

JD, [1/11/2023 1:51 PM]

Those magi knew of the translucent symbiotic twin, an entity that could be molded into ANYTHING.



Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:53 PM]

Water has cell memory too and contains all the information of the universe

Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 1:54 PM]

So will hold all that information of Astraea etc and the stuff the control don’t want us to know


JD, [1/11/2023 1:54 PM]

The book "Holy Blood Holy Grail" was one I saw on the shelf in the early '90s. One day my uncle walked into my office and out of the clear blue said, "Do you think it's possible that the secret knowledge was symbolized first in the Ark of the Covenant, and then in the Holy Grail, but passed through matriarchal lineages, womb to womb, and women hold the secrets?"

I said, "Damned good question, but I think I know the book that has the answer." I left right then for lunch, bought "Holy Blood Holy Grail," and my life shifted onto this path that day. Now it's all coming home. Incredible. And the thing is, the same stories are going to play out in this nobility thing in this battle we're in.



Elliot, [1/11/2023 1:58 PM]

Just caught up, holy moly lol

Elliot, [1/11/2023 2:03 PM]

You know interestingly enough, last night I had an astral projection. I was programmed with certain codes, complex tones, and then shot off into the astral for quite a way. There were other people being carried along too.

We dropped into water, like a kind of sacred pools or baths. There were quite a few people there, and a woman was handing out cups. When I got my hand to work I took one and had a drink, the water was sweet. Washed it over my head and hung out a while, then back to bed. I dunno if it's related but just funny timing with the water concept. First time I've been there



JD, [1/11/2023 2:07 PM]

There is no unconnected experience by anybody in this. That's why we need everybody talking about it.


JAH, [1/11/2023 2:08 PM]



Elliot, [1/11/2023 2:12 PM]

It's funny that they've been pumping up and distorting feminism for a while now, using it to emasculate society among other things. But it has softened and disrupted old structures. And now we can come in and open the gates to the true divine feminine in unified integrated ecstatic relationship with the masculine, like I can see us actually hijacking their intentions


Mary Betts, [1/11/2023 2:13 PM]

That's what the bad guys do they distort everything. Turning the divine feminine into something sinister and man hating.


JD, [1/11/2023 2:14 PM]

And they do it for archetypal reasons. They're that smart. They know the magic. It's actually very simple.


Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 2:18 PM]

I did a journey starting at Santiago de Compostela (a Templar-built cathedral) in northern Spain, then worked up through the Templar cathedrals in France. I also visited Montsegur, Rocamadour chapel of the Black Virgin, Lourdes, Mont Saint Michel, and finished the journey in Scotland at the Rosslyn Chapel where sound moves your soul. Chartres was absolutely, stunningly, profoundly breathtaking in its magnificence and Lourdes was a tremendous experience. The water is literally divine.


JD, [1/11/2023 2:19 PM]

I'm legitimately blown away right now. What we did opened something huge, but it also unlocked more of the memories for me, connected some dots. That's always powerful, but now I'm seeing mythologies as monologs by great beings who are in certain terms are just saying, We'll be back. And now they are. And that's a power that makes my eyes misty with wonder and just get on your knees humility. This is how I want to feel. Like Gavin did in Siren's Palace when he first encountered her. That's what I'm feeling right now.

JD, [1/11/2023 2:20 PM]

The Taygetan beauties are them.


Elliot, [1/11/2023 2:23 PM]

Me too. I mean I've felt what now seem like lesser versions of this. But during that call it unlocked something, when the music came on. It's that countless lifetimes, my whole existence and mission here, was for this Goddess and victory. Like all the hardship was just training to be strong enough. I wouldn't hesitate to die in their service. What a funny, invincible feeling...


JD, [1/11/2023 2:25 PM]

That's it. That's the pearl of great price hiding within the folds. That feeling of adoration so complete, you'd walk unto death with nary a shrug.


Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 2:29 PM]

"Astraea" is rolling in my mind as a mantra.


Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 2:30 PM]

It’s a beautiful name to sing or tone as well


JD, [1/11/2023 2:31 PM]

They are so here, so unbelievably here, at long last, the legends are true! Wow. And WOW are they immense. Whew. I've never seen this before. Not this. My God.

JD, [1/11/2023 2:32 PM]

The Love is indescribable. Wisdom infinite.

JD, [1/11/2023 2:34 PM]

Lisa Gerrard is a living goddess, and she sang Return of the She King. Here you get to see her being that, while singing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vfv0bi9IMI


Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 2:42 PM]




Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 2:48 PM]

I’ve just had a bit of a message - so I missed the call tonight because here in the uk the clocks went back an hour on Sunday so I got confused and set me alarm for 2am instead of 1am so I caught the back end of the call. I was feeling really sad that I missed the important part and the magdelenians and was questioning why I missed it when it had been my full intention to be included in it. I just got a message through saying “because you’re the control” as I’m like a control sample in an experiment. So does that mean anything to anyone?


Arielle Zimmerman, [1/11/2023 2:52 PM]

How interesting! I’d like to know what it means as well. I was looking for you in there and wondered where you were. Sending you hugs 🫂


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 2:53 PM]

Aw thank you xx


JD, [1/11/2023 2:59 PM]

By the way, that was well portrayed by Milla Jovovich in "The Messenger." An unstoppable force of love, and it's the feeling that does it. That's what's unstoppable. The feeling.


Elliot, [1/11/2023 2:59 PM]

Cool might have to give it a watch


JD, [1/11/2023 2:59 PM]

Wait...you haven't seen it?


Molly Mato, [1/11/2023 3:00 PM]

Kirsten, Mary recorded the call. If you start with the sacred breath ("O" shaped mouth, soft soundless breath), then listen and join. I feel like you are a part of this, big time!


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 3:00 PM]

Ah thank you


JD, [1/11/2023 3:00 PM]

I wish I'd started it sooner. But I'll explain in its little writeup what came before.


JD, [1/11/2023 3:52 PM]

View it, at once! This lady also embodies it. That first tune is wow sheek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRwmc9uaxOU


JAH, [1/11/2023 4:08 PM]

Wow just wow


Abadi, [1/11/2023 6:22 PM]

Come pay a visit Jason 😉 you're welcome 🤗


Abadi, [1/11/2023 6:36 PM]

I missed the call because I didn't check the internet yesterday evening (Europe time). Where can I find the record?


Jene, [1/11/2023 10:09 PM]


Kirsten Todd, [1/11/2023 10:30 PM]

I have drank the healing sacred waters at the white well and chalice well - beautiful energy within it. The energy of chalice well in particular is beautiful and all the plants and trees surrounding it were vibrating with its energy touching them you felt them vibrating and the energy within. The gardens at chalice well are beautiful as well. It’s a lovely place to stay - you can actually stay there - there are rooms and a holiday cottage!

There were too many tourists at the white well to fully appreciate its energy. And I do think because of the amount of people doing rituals etc at the white well it is a little sullied - not the water itself but the energy in the cave/building. It felt quite heavy in there.






Elliot, [2/11/2023 8:34 AM]

Well,I liked the first half of that movie 🤔

Elliot, [2/11/2023 8:35 AM]

Messenger Joan of arc


JD, [2/11/2023 11:01 AM]

Yeah, no doubt Besson is quite accomplished at fouling up movies.


streetpoet, [2/11/2023 11:03 AM]

He's a French frat boy. As they say in the south, 'bless his heart.'


JD, [2/11/2023 11:04 AM]

That's about right, but hey, "The Fifth Element" was fun.


streetpoet, [2/11/2023 11:05 AM]

Only because of Bruce Willis. He carried that movie, much inspite of Besson's efforts to drive it off a cliff.


Molly Mato, [2/11/2023 11:33 AM]


Molly Mato, [2/11/2023 11:35 AM]

I'm sharing the love 👆🏼❤️


JD, [2/11/2023 12:18 PM]

One of my top 20 songs. If I got marooned on a desert island and had ten albums to pick from to have there, Mezzanine would be one of them. What a seminal musical work.


JAH, [2/11/2023 12:41 PM]

I was just listening to this 🥹❤️



Elliot, [2/11/2023 2:20 PM]

Joan of arc, what was her name the actress.. was incredibly beautiful. But yeah it got so cynical at the end 😭

Elliot, [2/11/2023 2:22 PM]

I loved seeing the French countryside and those grand buildings and ceremonies though. We've really lost some of that sense of occasion and aesthetics huh. I wanna see some outrageous but somehow tasteful opulence on the new earth 🤔😋

Elliot, [2/11/2023 2:28 PM]

im talking Outrageous just totally unreasonable








Elliot, [2/11/2023 3:54 PM]


Elliot, [2/11/2023 3:54 PM]

Anyone like a bit of Trevor hall?


JAH, [2/11/2023 7:10 PM]

Oh my goodness this is beautiful


Abadi, [2/11/2023 8:14 PM]



Michael, [2/11/2023 8:21 PM]

Hi all just came across this on Facebook, very relevant for this chat,

Organic Portals - Soulless Humans

Not Everyone Is Human...Just A Human Appearance

In order to get a better insight into spiritual occult warfare and human conflict throughout history beyond the physical superficial appearances, one needs to understand the other “topic of all topics”, besides the hyperdimensional matrix control system.

This is the topic of soulless humans who are not “wired” internally to be able to perceive a spiritual reality, let alone a soul, God, or the Divine, and there is nothing that can convince them. In fact, they will always argue against anything spiritual, which is true from their level of being and what they can only experience.

They don’t have access to the higher centers during this incarnation and only operate on the lower three chakras.

They are called  “Organic Portals” and can also easily become hosts (portals) for occult hostile forces such as the Asura, Soratic spirits, and other archonic entities working through them or completely possessing them using the body as an empty shell with a "human" appearance (doesn't matter what race or gender)

It's what the "Agent Smith Syndrome" is based on.

They play their role in the evolutionary cycle over lifetimes and have their purpose from the bigger picture of the evolutions of consciousness from a Divine perspective.

Here's an excerpt about the “internal landscape” of many hard-core materialists, Scientists, Technocrats, Atheists, Transhumanists, politicians, and  many famous "influencers":

“[…]Because the OP (Organic Portal) can be intelligent, observant, and analytical, and because they appear to include some of our most famous scientists, they are able to describe for us how they see the world and their interior “life” very accurately and in great detail.

At the bottom of this is the answer to the source of one of the most enduring debates of human history i.e., good versus evil.

Why is it that there is so much strife in the world, why are so many divided over the promotion of war or peace, respect or disrespect, environmental protection or destruction, in short, a purely material self-serving outlook or a spiritual serving of others outlook

Perhaps we are getting close to the answer, for the truth would seem to be that there is not and never has been a homogenous “we” (the human race) on the planet, “we” are not all alike; “we” do not see the world in the same way, “we” are not just a divided race, we are two different races.

It becomes clearer then why most “top scientists,” in their theories, do not consider the spiritual dimension or quickly write off any “unconventional” theories.

The OP scientist has no notion whatsoever of “spirit” or of the existence of higher centers. They are incapable of experiencing these higher centers, and therefore their descriptions of the world are lacking them.

And because they cannot experience them, they deny their existence for everyone, including those who are capable of “seeing” what the OP is incapable of seeing.

 In a materialistic world, where Organic Portals are in their Natural Element, and Souled Beings are NOT, with Organic Portal science drawing the boundary between what is true and what is false, there is no place for the Higher realms.

It is “false” compared with the self-evident “truth” of materialism as experienced at all levels by the OP. The Organic Portal, in his role as a scientist, is bound to come to a materialistic explanation for the workings of the universe because that is all they know and are able to see.[…]”

– from “Organic Portals – Soulless Humans”


Michael, [2/11/2023 8:21 PM]

Part 2

Q: "There are some human beings who are like vampires. What are they, and why are they like that?"

A:"They are not human; there is only a human form or appearance. They are incarnations of beings from the world that is just next to the physical, beings who live on the plane which we call the vital world.

 It is a world of all the desires and impulses and passions and of movements of violence and greed and cunning and every kind of ignorance; but all the dynamisms too are there, all the life-energies and all the powers. The beings of this world have by their nature a strange grip over the material world and can exercise upon it a sinister influence.

Some of them are formed out of the remains of the human being that persist after death in the vital atmosphere near to the earth-plane. His desires and hungers still float there and remain in form even after the dissolution of the body; often they are moved to go on manifesting and satisfying themselves and the birth of these creatures of the vital world is the consequence. But these are minor beings and, if they can be very troublesome, it is yet not impossible to deal with them.

There are others, far more dangerous, who have never been in human form; never were they born into a human body upon earth, for most often they refuse to accept this way of birth because it is slavery to matter and they prefer to remain in their own world, powerful and mischievous, and to control earthly beings from there. For, if they do not want to be born on earth, they do want to be in contact with the physical nature, but without being bound by it.

Their method is to try first to cast their influence upon a man; then they enter slowly into his atmosphere and in the end may get complete possession of him, driving out entirely the real human soul and personality.

These creatures, when in possession of an earthly body, may have the human appearance but they have not a human nature. Their habit is to draw upon the life-force of human beings; they attack and capture vital power wherever they can and feed upon it.

These beings, when in the human body, are not often conscious of what they really are. Sometimes they have a vague feeling that they are not quite human in the ordinary way.

But still, there are cases where they are conscious and very conscious; not only do they know that they do not belong to humanity but they know what they are, act in that knowledge and deliberately pursue their ends. The beings of the vital world are powerful by their very nature; when to their power they add knowledge, they become doubly dangerous.

There is nothing to be done with these creatures; you should avoid having any dealings with them unless you have the power to crush and destroy them. If you are forced into contact with them, beware of the spell they can cast.

These vital beings, when they manifest on the physical plane, have always a great hypnotic power; for the centre of their consciousness is in the vital world and not in the material and they are not veiled and dwarfed by the material consciousness as human beings are."

- from ‘The Hidden Forces of Life - Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


IMPORTANT NOTE: Over the years, I’ve seen how this topic has been easily misunderstood by people who tend to distort the information to blame and demonize others or carelessly label people they know as OPs (or NPCs) when it could be just “soul in struggle” as pointed out in the article.

Moreover, EVERYONE can be on the level of the OP and potential “Matrix Agent” (and can be taken over/used by entities and occult forces), even the ones with soul potential, until one starts to engage in esoteric Great Work of soul embodiment to activate the higher centers and becomes more embodied in one’s soul growth and process of individuation, connected to the Divine as the personality is transmuted into a purer expression of essence/soul, dislodged of programs, conditioning, wounding, and trauma, so there is no “entry point” for anything to come in.

Michael, [2/11/2023 8:22 PM]

FULL ARTICLE: https://veilofreality.com/2011/04/18/organic-portals-soulless-humans/


Kirsten Todd, [2/11/2023 8:30 PM]

Interesting article


Michael, [2/11/2023 8:32 PM]

I never thought of some people being soulless before, just thought they were completely disconnected being which through their disconnection would allow all those things above to happen. But this article explains thing in a more clearer light.


Michael, [2/11/2023 9:00 PM]

It says in the article this: "There is nothing to be done with these creatures; you should avoid having any dealings with them unless you have the power to crush and destroy them. If you are forced into contact with them, beware of the spell they can cast". I have spent the best part of 30 plus years in training to be able to crush and destroy these entities as I have had far to many run ins with them as a child. To date I have many battle scars but I also win every time, it is my purpose to be here to do this work. I am glad that I have been lead to this group as now after many years I can offer my skills to help in the larger battle field that is the Master Game, love and light to all.


Abadi, [3/11/2023 1:18 AM]

Weirdly i read the exact article today on Twitter


JD, [3/11/2023 1:50 AM]

Do you mean you never thought of them as soulless until we pointed you to the Cosmic Agency videos, and all the conversations we've had about that very thing?

JD, [3/11/2023 1:53 AM]

Where the first sentence of this goes completely astray is that only 1 out of every 1000 people is NOT one of them, so it couldn't be more impossible to not "deal" with them. You have family members, lifelong friends, maybe children, that are them. You know this, right?


Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 1:55 AM]

I know this!! I think my mum is one!! Hahaha!!!


JD, [3/11/2023 2:34 AM]

YOU might be one. That's the whole point, and even more to the point than that point, is that I might be one. So, this is all a lesson in "what is a soul, and what is the difference between it and the inhabiting intelligence?" This is on the list of the deepest esotericism in this game.

The difference between me and most is that I'd be honored to be that. We really need to get this entire conversation over on BE Social. These are the topics, and obviously they're straining to get more traction in the world.

Could someone please start at my post on October 31 that started with: "We're having a call tonight..." and copy every response to here, paste it into a document, Word or Notepad is fine, and send it to me at jdaliix@pm.me? I'll trade you a glimpse into the infinite for the effort! Hehe.


Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 2:40 AM]

But we are just the avatars and the “real” us are somewhere else not in this simulation anyway- like in that episode of black mirror where Joan is on level one digital simulation- and the real her is a level below - but even that “real” self could be a simulation-and so on. So we are the same. That’s how I understand it…


Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 2:47 AM]

But surely those of us in this group are “real” with a soul to be able to have awareness of consciousness and the divine and to want  to break this game. I get that it’s all holographic and is everything is just an emanation - is just where is that originating from? Is it literally the source point? Source? And everything is a simulation coming from its “mind” it’s consciousness - so nothing is real at all - anywhere.


JD, [3/11/2023 2:48 AM]

That's true for every beingness on this planet, plants, frogs, gold, people.

JD, [3/11/2023 2:48 AM]

And we're most certainly NOT the avatars.

JD, [3/11/2023 2:54 AM]

That's why that guy in the article above is woefully misinformed. He doesn't get it either. Somebody should find him and direct him to us, so that he can be straightened out. Any personi can be imbued with knowledge of the divine because that's what the game role calls for. It's SO important to understand this from the vantage of this being a game, and all parts in it roles. So, all that guy has done is impose upon it another theological belief. The only question worth asking in this game, and the answer doesn't even matter, is whether "I'm a creator, or a created, and if I'm a created, and I have this degree of expansion into larger aspects of the game, am I less fettered by the game's need to keep the creators asleep?"


Elliot, [3/11/2023 5:18 AM]

Yes.. and I've seen plenty of examples of divine energies working through soulless beings. In saying that though, what would it look like to have one of them be imbued with knowledge? My understanding is that without the energetic focal point of a soul, a given being is basically not really sentient in the sense of being self aware because they can't focus their own attention in that fashion. So I can see them being portals, yes, for the points of attention of divine beings and others. Or being walked in. But I can't understand them being imbued with knowledge, could you go into that Jason? Wouldn't you just end up with a shiny but highly limited individual? Then again, perhaps it's moreso part of their hive mind, like the matrix mind itself that can be imbued.


Jene, [3/11/2023 5:36 AM]

God is conscious, not a creator.  God is a source of creation itself.  It is not independent of you.  It is the totality of everything.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 5:41 AM]

Sure but there's a lot of practical difference in the inner experience of a field of barley vs an advanced 5d taygetan woman. And in terms of the thoughts and creations that can flow from then. In how they can grow etc.


Jene, [3/11/2023 6:09 AM]

My little black cat has figured out how to communicate what she wants in language she developed on her own.  She is able to convey her inner need outward in language I understand even though she isn't actually speaking in English to me.  The barley field conveys its inner experience outward in the reaction it has to being treated with various chemicals and how it makes me feel when I eat it.  So it does communicate with me.  Everything that appears to be outside of me is really taking place inside of me, including the 5d Taygetan.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 6:12 AM]

The black cat has a fair chance of being an Urmah. Yes, these things all communicate. I'm not arguing they don't. I've experienced being a field of plants though. It's extremely trance like, with no sense of time, and a total absorption into the fractal, very sexual, plant energy sensation of being and desire. So so different from my human experience. Very different limitations too


Jene, [3/11/2023 6:14 AM]

What is an Urmah?


Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 6:14 AM]

The cat people


Jene, [3/11/2023 6:14 AM]

Oh.  Well she knew her name so probably


Elliot, [3/11/2023 6:15 AM]

The field of barley may be able to say it wants more light. The soulless person may be able to hold a conversation. But what are their limitations, that which defines them as a being? That is my open question to Jason. And I agree we shouldn't come to fixed conclusions about this. Everything is an alchemy to she who can catalyze it, after all


Jene, [3/11/2023 6:16 AM]

I see.  Thank you for the clarification.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 6:16 AM]


Warp, [3/11/2023 6:17 AM]






Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 6:17 AM]

Would they not be programmed to operate within certain parameters differing on their purpose within the game - one may only be able to hold a certain level of conversation whereas another may be programmed to be more complex and hold sophisticated conversations with knowledge depending on what their role is in the game?


Jene, [3/11/2023 6:18 AM]

Thank you for the vids!  I have a lot to catch up on.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 6:22 AM]

Yes I suspect this is the case. It may also be indicative of different beings, for example more advanced demonic minds working through more critical individuals


Michael, [3/11/2023 6:33 AM]

Pretty much, it has crossed my path before but I dismissed it as someone trying to explain disconnected people. This whole concept has sent my mind in a spin lol. It does make sense, still getting my head arround it.

Michael, [3/11/2023 6:38 AM]

Oh I most definitely have family members that are, my son is, after leaving home he was taken over by entities and now is this completely different person and has even changed his name. I see this happening in the world all the time. As for me I don't know for sure, I do have a sense of being here to do a task a mission so to speak. All of my life has been this way, it is like I have been in preparation for a big task later in life and all of my training and self mastery work has been for this task/mission.

Michael, [3/11/2023 6:49 AM]

I have this feelong my whole life that all the self work was for me to break the prison shackles and acsend or as I see it leave this planet with a deep sense that I have to be here to help those who struggle to transend this world, ie. to help those last few cross to the new world. I came into this world/game with a great deal of knowledge, as a kid I knew things no one did, I could solved things people struggle with and still do to thid day. Maybe I am just a soulless programed being here to play my part. Either way I am having fun, lol this life has been one wild ride for me and I love it. I have developed self to a very connected to source being with the ability to connect to many things and have access to unlimited knoewledge it feels like. So now not sure who I am lol love it, more knowledge to gain.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 6:59 AM]

Imo the point the taygetans were making about soulless beings is that there's barely anything inside natively. They're not even there when you're not around or thinking of them. I'd recommend everyone watch the vids on them if you haven't.


Michael, [3/11/2023 7:02 AM]

I have seen plenty of examples to, now the question is since I came here with this knowledge am I one of those soulless beings, I don't know but I do feel very connected to a higher sense or purpose, I am very sensitive to energies and people and have a hard time when around the disconnected/soulless beings. Thats why I live in the bush/outback, all their negative thoughts hit me like a train and harm me so I find it very hard to be around large groups of people. So I strive to live in a sentient way and in harmony with my surroundings, so is this a program or do I have a soul? many new questions now lol.

Michael, [3/11/2023 7:03 AM]

Is there a link, it will help me find them easier, cheers.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 7:13 AM]

I'll have a look

Elliot, [3/11/2023 7:14 AM]

I find it unlikely you are one of them. Many types of beings tho


Michael, [3/11/2023 7:15 AM]

I find myself being very aware of all things around me so I don't think I am soulless but it is thought expanding for sure lol.


Elliot, [3/11/2023 7:18 AM] VIDEO ON NOT REAL PEOPLE


Elliot, [3/11/2023 7:18 AM]

This is the first vid they did on it

Elliot, [3/11/2023 7:19 AM]

Yes.. I think the nuance to explore with this is endless. In particular what is a soul, energy system bundle of memories and ideas? And what effect does it have. Also what kind of different entities and energy systems are out there that are structured differently etc


JAH, [3/11/2023 7:49 AM]


So sure there is more that was posted about the long time ago here or in the acceptance email .

JAH, [3/11/2023 7:49 AM]

Thank you for the video

Molly Mato

Every now and then I enjoy tuning into what David Icke has to say. These little nuggets seems very germane in light of our recent call (I’m paraphrasing):

“The limit of the matrix is the speed of light.”

“99%+ of the ‘universe’ is plasma.”

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    • I came across this video and thought it fits in here.  There is mention of PLASMA from the galactic center.  If you haven't found Pam Gregory, Astrologer, then this will be an introduction.  She is awesome!

  •  I was curious about the NPC thing a while back but it doesn't really do anything for me anymore. I think JD said something along the lines of does it matter? If I have a soul, if I don't, whether or not my friends and family do? What does that change? Everything is still the same unless you choose to change it.

    I thought my dad might be an h-person (sorry but I forget the terminologies from time to time and right now I remember "h-person") but I realized I really don't care. He's my dad and struggles with certain things like everyone else. I have no idea what he believes in. I don't think he is in search of that. He's done everything responsibly and now has enough money to support me in my limbo. My mom is different. She is more attuned to this. The thing is they are still married. She rubs off on him and vice versa. 

    To me, they will always be my parents in this "life". Haha - just gotta kick out of that word. That is what matters. We will blind ourselves with the truth when we aren't paying attention. This is why the role is so important. As we try to figure everything out, down the rabbit hole we go. The one thing I see about this group is that we are all very efficient at catching ourselves. So, probably better to do it here and let everyone else read about it. Besides, it is a true honor to see how all of your minds work. It makes me feel like I'm in the right place.

    I'll end with a question for now. JD, I think you've been dropping breadcrumbs or something. One, if I recall correctly, is that volunteers are not real people. Did I get that right? If this is so, then there must be a reason. Are we popping into holograms to stay below radar for the time being? Just thought I'd ask. Sorry if I got that wrong.

    • Michael, 1 out of every 1000 people on this plane are "real" according to a criteria set down by the Taygetans, and that criteria might be boiled down to one has a soul and one doesn't. All that means is all but 9 million people are using the personi (avatars) created by the 9 million to interact with this plane, for all the reasons the persoini are being used by Federation members to have the kind of experience available in this game. Our friend and member Abadi asked about this in another thread, and this is why I love the philosophical implications of all this. If 40-50% of the planet's population are volunteers borrowing personi, are volunteers that personi's "soul"? The volunteers are real. Does that make the personi real? At the same time, we can also safely say the volunteers all have souls.

      So now we have personi, an inhabiting volunteer intelligence, and a soul, three layers. Are the volunteers' souls now the personi's souls, at least for the time being?

      I suppose if we say a real person is composed of flesh and bone and chemical, and who they create are holograms composed of Matrix data, that's a pretty good set of criteria. But in my thinking, the real ones are just composed of the data of a different matrix, as everything is holographic.

      • What you said combined with the video on "Not Real People" that I finally watched has my head spinning round and round, which, of course, is when things make sense. Everything exists as its own opposite and other nursery rhymes for the kids! 

        I do like that the Taygetans keep insisting to always respect others no matter if you think they are real. I programmed the matrix after all - don't disrespect my lady in red (probably a bad example).

        Also, are those 40-50% on the same mission? I don't remember that number from before. That seems like a lot of volunteers but, then again, that would be based off what I've been told (by people who seem to be using accounting math) what the population of the Earth is. Can we get a refresh on the 5D galactic version of a soul count? Volunteers=? Fun House Customers=? Federation moles (not necessary to the plot just wonderin')=? What terms are we using when referring to the NPC's just for clarification's sake (inhabited or not)? Sorry about this but I've been thrown off several times trying to keep track.

        Now I just have to figure out what to do for a living before things change again. Can we go like fifteen years before a do-over?

        I do have a follow up question but I think that would be better revisited in the egregore discussion because I want to revisit that and the involvement of negative entity attachments in more detail. I want people to process this and all the other wonderful things everyone has been presenting, so, maybe in a couple of weeks I'll post it. 

      • I don't have anymore questions but my role might. And yes, it is possible to sense your own script in "real" time. 

  • I do see we have some programming to unravel in you and others. So, you've been in training the last 30 years to...what?...murder them? Does crush and destroy mean that? The guy in the article is as naive as a child, so you can throw the entire thing away. It means nothing.

    So what you must be talking about are the 30-35% of roles in the game played as "evil people," right? And you say in another comment you're in the Outback so that you don't have to deal with them. Well, OK, but what makes you think you're not one? 

    And this idea of disconnection...is it only disconnection when a personi is without an inhabiting intelligence, a real person from elsewhere? Because if someone from somewhere has spawned into that personi, they're definitely connected. 

    >> Michael T, [2/11/2023 9:00 PM]

    I never thought of some people being soulless before, just thought they were completely disconnected being which through their disconnection would allow all those things above to happen. But this article explains thing in a more clearer light.

    It says in the article this: "There is nothing to be done with these creatures; you should avoid having any dealings with them unless you have the power to crush and destroy them. If you are forced into contact with them, beware of the spell they can cast". I have spent the best part of 30 plus years in training to be able to crush and destroy these entities as I have had far to many run ins with them as a child. To date I have many battle scars but I also win every time, it is my purpose to be here to do this work. I am glad that I have been lead to this group as now after many years I can offer my skills to help in the larger battle field that is the Master Game, love and light to all.


  • You are not the personi. You are temporarily borrowing the personi. Where your consciousness is, is where you are. So, your thinking is that your other "real" personi is in an insertion pod somewhere, not really in this simulation. But your other "real" personi is just another empty vehicle until you get back there to reanimate it. So, the "real" you is most certainly in this simulation, and the vehicle you are using is being persistently created by one of the 9 million, or you are one of the 9 million doing the creating. I say persistently created because they don't just spawn and now exist; they're constantly created. 

    Now the question becomes...does it matter to you which you are? 

    >> Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 2:40 AM]

    But we are just the avatars and the “real” us are somewhere else not in this simulation anyway- like in that episode of black mirror where Joan is on level one digital simulation- and the real her is a level below - but even that “real” self could be a simulation-and so on. So we are the same. That’s how I understand it…

  • Nothing is real, at all, on any level, so there's that. But now we have to define "real." What does it mean? Extra dense frequencies? Because flesh, bone and chemical are just frequencies. 

    No matter what, there's no reason at all to believe those in this group are all "real." In fact, I know we're not all real. I think this is a great example of how one sentence in a very limited and delusional, crusading, ego-stricken article can so thoroughly foul people up. What I mean by that...is the only reason you believe "real" is defined by having a soul and being able to have awareness of consciousness and the divine is from that article? Or from other information as well?

    What if I put it this way? I believe it's entirely possible that I at least am a manifestation of the 9 million as a deep subsonscious phenomenon and need to have true masters walking among them, if for no other reason than to balance out the "dark" they are also producing. I also know this: the Matrix people are less shackled by heavily controlled reality filters imposed upon the "creators class." So a given Matrix personi role can include a greater degree of expressive and self-discovery freedom.

    There isn't anything that isn't divine. It's also a word we can just throw and never use again. There isn't anything that isn't Source, also a word I'd like to throw out, since everything is Source, nullifying its meaning. The only question is if whatever the thing is, be it a rock or a person, is aware of being that? Is a rock self-aware? Not the fake outer covering, which is also playing a role. But the indwelling presence? Of course. 

    I'll be getting more into how that works in replying to Elliot's post in the OP. 


    >>Kirsten Todd, [3/11/2023 2:47 AM]

    But surely those of us in this group are “real” with a soul to be able to have awareness of consciousness and the divine and to want  to break this game. I get that it’s all holographic and is everything is just an emanation - is just where is that originating from? Is it literally the source point? Source? And everything is a simulation coming from its “mind” it’s consciousness - so nothing is real at all - anywhere.

    • Ok interesting stuff. I get from what you're saying that volunteers are through various means constantly popping in and out of personi to interact with the all-in players? What are their limitations and inner experience, while they're in a personi?

      Recently I have often been popping into other bodies and contexts in theta, so I can kind of get it. And there's an overlay of my original mind, but also a different context. It's still mostly very short but i'd like to develop it more.

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